Aeration Control Australia Increases Grain Production Efficiency With AirLink®

Aeration Control Australia, part of the Industrial Automation Group, focuses on the delivery of high-quality grain aeration control systems originally developed in association with Australia’s foremost research organization, the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization (CSIRO).

Business Challenge

Today’s tough economic climate is seeing smaller farms bought out by larger neighbors, resulting in consolidated farming businesses dealing with more storage facilities spread out over a larger geographic area. In order to efficiently control grain facilities in multiple locations, farmers require remote monitoring of silos and control of fans from a central location. Featured on ABC Television’s The New Inventors program, Aeration Manager™ - a grain storage control system by Aeration Control Australia - provides farmers with the means to remotely control the activation of fans to either dry or cool grain within their silos.

Sierra Wireless AirLink® Solution

With the help of a Sierra Wireless AirLink® gateway, Aeration Manager is helping farmers monitor and control their grain storage facilities. The Aeration Manager system is three controllers in one, allowing for drying, cooling, and maintenance of grain, with fully automatic transition between the three stages.

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