AirVantage® IoT Platform

Keep your global IoT connectivity deployments under control through a single platform.

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Manage all your cellular edge devices and subscriptions from Sierra Wireless and other selected operators with the AirVantage self-service portal, to simplify your logistics, optimize your communication cost, and improve the up-time of your fleet of connected products. Getting Started

Connectivity Management

 Connectivity Management

Simplify your SIM fleet management with an operator-agnostic platform that offers everything you need for tracking your global SIM inventory, monitoring usage and managing the lifecycles of your Sierra Wireless and legacy SIMs from the operators of your choice.

The AirVantage connectivity management interface is the single place to order, track and manage all of your Sierra Wireless SIM cards and connectivity subscriptions.  Because of our long history of working with all the global operators, AirVantage is also able to manage SIM cards from most of the other operators you may work with.
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Device Management

Device Management

Getting to market quickly only matters if you can deliver an amazing, always-on user experience to your customers. You need to know before your customers when problems are about to occur and be able to fix them quickly. Give your team the industry’s only set of cellular device management tools to keep your service running.

The AirVantage device management console and API provides a wide range of device monitoring and management capabilities for your Sierra Wireless gateways, modules and standards based 3rd party hardware devices. 

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Supported Hardware

Supported Hardware

You need communication hardware that is natively supported by your IoT platform and allows you to build value added application from day one.

Sierra Wireless Embedded Modules & Gateways

Jumpstart your IoT project with the pre-integrated Sierra Wireless modules or gateways: Spending less time reinventing IoT connectivity, means more time building your core business.

Integrated Sierra Wireless hardware
AirVantage FOTA

AirVantage FOTA

Are you a Sierra Wireless module customer who simply wants the security and operational benefits of updating module firmware over-the-air (OTA)? Our AirVantage FOTA Edition may be perfect for you. 

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How to Buy

Getting Started

The best way to get started is to engage with our IoT experts. They can provide demos and answer questions you have about which platform services would be best for your needs.

Our How to buy section has a variety of options for engaging with our experts from demos to trial SIMs.

How to buy

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