Embedded Solutions - LPWA, 4G LTE, 3G, and 2G Wireless Modules

As the number one cellular module vendor in the world for the fifth straight year, we are committed to delivering innovative solutions to OEMs and System Integrators that help reduce overall system complexity and get you to market faster. Our embedded portfolio provides a simple, scalable, and secure way to add wireless to any IoT application.
Technology and Innovation

Sierra Wireless embedded solutions are built on a foundation of innovative technology to simplify development, connect new devices, and secure connected products.

Open Source Initiatives
Sierra Wireless - Open Source

Drive innovation and interoperability in both hardware and software

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Low-Power Wide-Area (LPWA)
Sierra Wireless - LPWA Icon

Technology that brings cellular to new markets.

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Device-to-Cloud Architecture

Securely build, connect, and maintain your next-gen services with integrated solutions from the device to the cloud.

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AirPrime Modules

Industrial-Grade Solutions

HL Series

Looking to standardize connectivity across multiple products and markets? Our essential solutions make it easy to switch between 2G, 3G, and 4G networks.

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WP Series

Looking to simplify your overall system design? Our smart application processing solutions let you build a connected product on a single module.

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EM/MC Series

Looking for high-speed networking capability? The Mini Card and M.2 form factors deliver unprecedented LTE speeds, bandwidth, and network performance.

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Automotive-Grade Solutions

AR Series


Looking to connect your vehicles? Our automotive-grade smart modules let you build your next-gen TCU (telematics control unit) on a single module.

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Module Comparison Chart

Need help selecting the right module for your application? Use the chart to compare the key features of our AirPrime Modules.

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Sagemcom Railway Modules


Looking to connect your cab radios? Our mobile radio modules (MRM) deliver years of reliable mission-critical performance under challenging railway conditions and severe temperatures.

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Programmable Modems

FX and GL Series

Looking to add connectivity without redesigning existing products? Our programmable modems provide basic 2G/3G connectivity and can give you a head start on developing your IoT applications.

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