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How the Industrial IoT Can Enhance the Value of Mobile Air Compressors

by Benoit Tournier, Director of Marketing, Transportation

Mobile air compressors are a key piece of equipment for workers in a variety of industries. Mobile air compressors allow these workers to perform critical tasks like product finishing, cutting, and welding at locations where installing a stationary air compressor would be impossible.

This utility is driving the growth of the mobile air compressor market. Research firm Global Market Insights forecasts that the portable air compressor market will grow at a compound annual growth rate of 4.3% over the next few years to $8 billion in 2026.

Yet, while engineering advancements have made mobile air compressors more useful over the years, their core functionality has not changed. This lack of innovation has made it difficult for OEMs to differentiate mobile air compressors, keeping the average price for these machines low.

The emergence of the IIoT has the potential to change this status quo. Using the IIoT, OEMs can extract data from mobile air compressors and transmit it wirelessly to the cloud, where they and their customers can monitor, analyze, and act upon this data to improve business outcomes.

Using the IIoT, OEMs now have the ability to build and deploy IIoT applications that make their compressors more energy efficient, easier and less expensive to maintain, and harder to be stolen. By using the IIoT to enhance the value of their products with these and other new features, OEMs will not only be able to increase prices for this equipment, but also offer customers new pay-as-you-go options and other services that create new long-term revenue streams. 

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