Sierra Wireless congratulates Connected World 2011 Value Chain Award Winners

San Jose Police Department and EDC Technologies, both Sierra Wireless customers, recognized for industry-leading innovation in wireless machine-to-machine (M2M) applications
Vancouver, Canada-June 20, 2011

Sierra Wireless is pleased to congratulate  the San Jose Police Department and EDC Technologies, Sierra Wireless customers who were honored last week at the 2011 Value Chain Awards in Chicago. Sponsored by Connected World magazine, the prestigious awards recognize successful adopters of M2M technology and connected devices, as determined by a panel of industry experts and analysts. The awards highlight collaboration across the M2M value chain, recognizing companies that have integrated multiple technologies such as wireless radio modules, network service and provisioning, and application software to make innovative M2M solutions a reality.
Sierra Wireless is proud to have worked with the three companies in the development of their M2M solutions, providing industry-leading wireless technologies including AirPrime™ embedded wireless modules and AirLink™ intelligent wireless gateways.
“These customers have demonstrated the enormous potential of M2M communications to contribute to an organization’s efficiency and improve operations,” said Emmanuel Walckenaer, Senior Vice President and General Manager, Solutions and Services for Sierra Wireless. “We are honored to have played a role in bringing these solutions to market.”

San Jose Police Department: Extending Mobile Offices to Patrol Cars in the Field

The San Jose Police Department serves California’s third-largest city, protecting the safety of more than 1 million residents. To help officers be better connected and more efficient in the field, the department wanted to overhaul its records and field communications systems. Working with Sierra Wireless reseller Feeney Wireless, the department deployed the Cellular Internet Routing Appliance (CIRA) with integrated Sierra Wireless AirLink 3G gateways in more than 450 patrol cars.
Powered by ALEOS™ intelligence, the AirLink 3G gateway embedded in the CIRA device enables a consistent, reliable cellular broadband connection, and simplifies management of the remote assets. Today, San Jose Police officers can communicate in real time with the department’s headquarters and dispatch system, and link laptops, e-citation and fingerprinting devices in the field with their in-car network. They can submit citations and field reports in real time, reducing paperwork and trips to and from campus, and access vital law enforcement data such as fingerprints and mug shots. Together, these tools keep officers just as connected in their cars as they would be at police headquarters, and help them work more effectively.

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EDC Technologies, Inc.: Delivering Hot Water More Efficiently

EDC Technologies uses a unique wireless controller technology to monitor its customers’ hot water systems to align boiler supply with actual usage. The company’s innovative solution is deployed at hotels, apartment complexes, restaurants, and many other customers, and delivers natural gas savings of 20 to 30 percent.

Previously, EDC customers collected energy usage data manually, dispatching a technician to each site to download data from the controller. The system worked but was time-consuming and expensive. EDC and its software partner, ClearConnex, built an optimized controller equipped with an embedded Sierra Wireless AirPrime Q2687 GPRS/EDGE module. Operating on the Numerex national M2M network, the solution provides real-time communication between the hot water system controllers and EDC, simplifying EDC’s operational model and reducing costs.  

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