Sierra Wireless inaugurates high-performance, intelligent gateway that excels in both mobile and fixed applications

AirLink™ GX400 multi-purpose wireless gateway combined with AirLink Management Services delivers comprehensive cloud-based remote management for thousands of endpoints
Vancouver, Canada-February 11, 2011

Sierra Wireless (NASDAQ: SWIR; TSX: SW) today announced a multi-purpose wireless gateway that defines next-generation intelligent machine-to-machine (M2M) networking. The powerful Sierra Wireless AirLink™ GX400 gateway offers a leading-edge combination of features, including cloud-based device management, extensive hardware and software enhancements, mil-spec ruggedness, GPS and associated location-based services, and advanced configuration options with comprehensive expandability for both hardware and software features.

Flexible and powerful enough to meet the needs of a wide range of applications in the transportation, industrial M2M and enterprise markets, the AirLink GX400 will make solution deployment faster, easier and less expensive for mobile system operators, OEMs, application service providers and end customers. With the AirLink GX400, system integrators can standardize on a single gateway platform to serve the needs of all of their customers.

Sierra Wireless also announced AirLink Management Services (AMS), which will facilitate comprehensive cloud-based device management for the AirLink GX400, as well as other AirLink intelligent gateways and routers. Based on the Sierra Wireless AirVantage™ Platform, this powerful hosted device management service means small and large deployments can affordably take advantage of the comprehensive AMS management features from any location with Internet access.

“The AirLink GX400 is phenomenally easy to deploy and manage. Integration with our existing routing platforms and robust enterprise network security capabilities was quick and seamless,” said Paresh Patel, CCIE, Director of Network Solutions at Accel Networks.  “Once provisioned, the gateway offers a plug-and-play experience to provide a reliable connection to the network operator cloud. The advanced capabilities and PCI-compliant features make the AirLink GX400 the ideal gateway for Accel Networks to deploy and manage thousands of 3G wireless endpoints annually.”

Sierra Wireless boosted processing performance five-fold, basing the AirLink GX400’s design on an ARM 11-class microprocessor architecture operating with high-capacity DDR memory. This provides a powerful foundation for exploiting existing and new features and functionality. Other hardware enhancements include external antenna connectors, Ethernet, Serial and USB “OTG” (On-the-Go), as well as an expansion slot to accommodate future integrated add-on capabilities such as additional physical interfaces and wireless local and personal area networking and communications.

“By combining the best features of our highly successful AirLink Raven and AirLink Pinpoint M2M gateways, the AirLink GX400 provides the most flexible, powerful and cost-effective solution available in the industry today,” said Emmanuel Walckenaer, Senior Vice President and General Manager, Solutions and Services for Sierra Wireless. “Particularly in the dynamic markets of the next few years, today’s solutions also have to work for tomorrow’s technologies, so we’ve designed the AirLink GX400 platform to allow easy addition of new capabilities, which provides our distributors and customers a product line that will serve them well into the future.”

Drawing on years of experience with the ultra-rugged AirLink MP product line, the AirLink GX400 has been engineered and verified to comply with numerous industry and wireless requirements including, but not limited to Mil-STD 810-F, IEC60068, IP64, Class 1 Div 2, and e-Mark. Similarly, it meets a broad range of standards including FCC, PTCRB, CE, GCF and network operator certification.  This experience and attention to detail ensures the AirLink GX400 will be reliable and well-suited for a very broad range of mobile, industrial and enterprise applications and solutions.

The AirLink GX400 is powered by ALEOS™ embedded intelligence, which enables a highly configurable environment with no need for scarce technical programming resources. This allows a customer or integrator to configure hundreds of different device and network parameters, including security and location protocols, firmware upgrades, reset timers, events reporting and much more.  In addition, ALEOS facilitates simple integration with third-party equipment and applications through a large library of legacy machine and location protocols.

With the introduction of AirLink Management Services, ALEOS enables comprehensive remote configuration, management and troubleshooting through a cloud-based architecture. In addition, ALEOS on the AirLink GX400 offers new routing capabilities, along with the ability to add networking features as the need arises. ALEOS networking features are built upon robust, reliable industry-tested software that will serve customers well into the future. 
The AirLink GX400 gateway and AirLink Management Services will be available in second quarter of 2011 with support for 3G+ wireless broadband network technologies and 2G backwards compatibility, including EV-DO/CDMA 1X and HSPA+/EDGE/GPRS variants.

AirLink™ Intelligent Gateways and Routers

Sierra Wireless AirLink™ Intelligent M2M Gateways are designed to meet the needs of Industrial and Enterprise customers who require a reliable consistent connection to remote assets in various mobile, fixed and portable applications. Powered by ALEOS™ embedded intelligence and managed by the AirLink suite of management software, AirLink M2M gateways and routers maintain a reliable connection to remote assets and provide comprehensive remote configuration and control. 

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