RS TechMedic BV telemedicine equipment uses Sierra Wireless modules to transmit clinical data in real time

Sierra Wireless AirPrime™ Q2687 wireless module transmits heart rates, respiratory rates and other medical information from patients to health care professionals
Vancouver, Canada -December 09, 2010

Sierra Wireless (NASDAQ: SWIR; TSX: SW) today announced that RS TechMedic BV, a medical technology provider based in The Netherlands, is using the Sierra Wireless AirPrime™ Q2687 EDGE wireless module in its Dyna-Vision™ telemedicine device for cardiopulmonary applications.

The Dyna-Vision™ is a multi-purpose remote patient monitoring device used by cardiologists, general practitioners and health centers all over the world. About the size of a PDA and carried by the patient on a belt, the unit is connected to non-invasive sensors attached to the skin which measure up to twelve clinical parameters, including heart rate, respiratory rate, temperature, plethysmogram (changes in volume within an organ), SpO2 (the patient’s oxygen saturation level) and skin temperature. The latest feature of Dyna-Vision™ is to accurately predict critical medical conditions of patients, such as cardiac arrest, up to six hours before they occur. By early intervention by medical staff, it is now possible to prevent the patient's condition from deteriorating. This feature helps healthcare providers reduce complications, patient injuries and length of hospital stays.

Using the highly integrated Sierra Wireless AirPrime Q2687 wireless module, the Dyna-Vision™ device transmits data in real time to a doctor’s office via a cellular network, enabling extensive remote diagnostics in cardiology, pulmonology and neurology.

“The AirPrime Q2687 provides the perfect connectivity solution for the Dyna-Vision™,” said Rutger Brest van Kempen, CEO of RS TechMedic. “An advanced integrated TCP/IP stack, small module size and low current consumption were essential criteria for us, since our product is carried around by the patient and is running on an internal battery. The fact that the module is fully certified for European and US markets made the certification of the Dyna-Vision™ itself fast and easy for us. Last but not least, the professional integration support we received from our Sierra Wireless distributor, Alcom Netherlands, was of great help in creating a robust and efficient telemedicine solution which responds to patients’ and practitioners’ needs.”  

The Dyna-Vision™ transmits measurements automatically with no intervention from the patient, and patients can be monitored for long periods of time without having to come back to the practice. Patients experiencing symptoms or other events can use the unit to alert the physician, who can simply log in to the server to monitor the actual streaming parameters and take action as required. The Dyna-Vision™ unit is part of a turn-key offer, which includes a server solution and PC software in addition to the monitoring device.

Didier Dutronc, Senior Vice President and General Manager, M2M Embedded Solutions for Sierra Wireless, added: “Wireless healthcare or telemedicine is one of the most exciting applications of machine-to-machine communication technology today, and we are very pleased to be working with some of the pioneers in this space. The Dyna-Vision™ device is a wonderful example of how wireless technology can help improve people’s lives.”

Sierra Wireless Solutions for Healthcare
Sierra Wireless provides medical equipment manufacturers and healthcare service providers with wireless solutions that reduce development costs, simplify management, and deliver reliable, mission-critical performance. We offer:

  • All the technology components you need for building end-to-end healthcare applications, from rugged embedded modules, gateways and routers to software suites, development tools and services platforms.
  • Secure, reliable wireless connectivity with rugged products designed to exceed healthcare industry requirements, tested to military specifications, and proven in the field by emergency services and first responders.
  • Open and proven technologies that allow rapid design and easy integration, with a services platform that enables fast deployment and cost-effective maintenance and support.
  • Strong relationships with network operators worldwide to assist customers and partners with network connections and certifications.

Sierra Wireless is a member of the Wireless Life Sciences alliance.

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About RS TechMedic
RS TechMedic B.V. is a Dutch based developer of innovative and high-quality medical technology. The products, software and services are mainly focused on telemedicine, remote patient monitoring and remote medical diagnostics.

RS TechMedic B.V. is a Dutch based developer of innovative and high-quality medical technology. The products, software and services are mainly focused on telemedicine, remote patient monitoring and remote medical diagnostics.


Dyna-Vision™ is built with state-of-the-art electronics. The unique and patented features provide the health care industry with an effective, affordable and comfortable product. It is proven that Telemedicine is only successful when the products are actually supporting the health care provider. Many products in the market today however create additional workload for the health care provider. Also, the patient is an active part in the process. Many patients are not able to cope with the telemedicine equipment and requirements. For that reason we developed a fully automatic solution that needs no intervention from the patient.
Our Dyna-Vision™ products are used by: Hospitals, Telemedicine Centers, Cardiology Centers, Emergency Medical Services, Ambulances, Practitioner offices, Home Care Health Providers, and Professional athletes. 

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