ORBCOMM launches web-based subscriber management portal at CTIA, featuring advanced device management, powered by the Sierra Wireless AirVantage Services Platform

ORBCOMM relies on Sierra Wireless M2M services platform to help keep remote assets connected around the globe
Las Vegas, USA-March 23, 2010

Sierra Wireless (NASDAQ: SWIR; TSX: SW) and ORBCOMM Inc (NASDAQ: ORBC) a global satellite data communications company focused on two-way Machine-to-Machine (M2M) communication, today announced that ORBCOMM has deployed a new M2M services portal that relies on Sierra Wireless AirVantage™ Services Platform and gives ORBCOMM’s customers the ability to seamlessly track and manage their equipment around the world, even over the ocean.

The new ORBCOMM portal integrates the Sierra Wireless AirVantage Services Platform to provide comprehensive device and asset management features. With the services platform, ORBCOMM customers can manage all aspects of their device connectivity, including remote firmware and software upgrades, managing and monitoring devices remotely, activating devices and airtime subscriptions across the multiple networks offered by ORBCOMM and much more, providing a high level of control over remote devices for ORBCOMM and its customers.

“This deployment is a significant step forward to accelerate our expansion into the growing M2M market. By partnering with Sierra Wireless and integrating its powerful suite of M2M services and tools, we are now able to offer to our customers a unique range of subscription and devices management services and bring new M2M solutions to the market faster” said Marc Eisenberg, Chief Executive Officer of ORBCOMM.

“We are proud to be part of ORBCOMM’s efforts to launch this new Services Platform.  The scale, scope and complexity of this deployment demonstrate the scalability, openness and capability of our AirVantage Services Platform,” said Emmanuel Walckenaer, Senior Vice President and General Manager of Sierra Wireless AirVantage Services Platform and Solutions. “ORBCOMM is now in position to increase the traffic on its unique multi-network infrastructure, bringing new subscriptions to its satellite network and its terrestrial network operator partners and providing value-added services to its customers.”

ORBCOMM provides M2M services to customers such as Caterpillar and Volvo Trucking, in industries ranging from commercial transportation to heavy equipment, industrial fixed assets, and marine/homeland security to track, monitor and control their mobile and fixed assets.  With ORBCOMM, these companies monitor everything from trucks and railcars to marine vessels, which are often in areas beyond reach of terrestrial systems. They count on the system’s communication for critical information to manage these important assets, and need a scalable, reliable service that lets them manage the communications with the device. 

As ORBCOMM’s customers’ assets roam the globe, ORBCOMM provides Dual Mode M2M by combining GPRS/CDMA cellular wireless services with its LEO Satellite network to provide flexible and comprehensive network coverage. The ORBCOMM portal, using AirVantage Services Platform features, integrates multiple airtime subscriptions into a single Dual Mode subscription, making it easy for ORBCOMM customers to track and monitor devices as they move between network coverage areas.

The Sierra Wireless AirVantage™ Services Platform is an open, scalable and secure M2M services platform delivered as a software-as-a-service (SaaS) model.  It combines a full range of subscription and device management features with development tools and web services APIs to simplify M2M service delivery for network operators such as ORBCOMM.

AirVantage Services Platform reduces service management costs and opens new opportunities for ORBCOMM and its customers to deploy, manage, support and bill for new M2M services to support this large, emerging market of connected devices. The AirVantage Services Platform allows service providers to rapidly integrate asset management, creating powerful M2M services.   With data collected from communication devices and managed assets,  and the remote management capabilities provided by the ORBCOMM-Sierra Wireless collaboration, ORBCOMM’s customers can go beyond managing connectivity aspects to controlling a wide variety of connected assets, such as trucks, trailers, railcars, containers, heavy equipment, fluid tanks, utility meters, pipelines, marine vessels, oil wells, and other M2M applications.

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ORBCOMM is a leading global satellite data communications company, focused on Machine-to-Machine (M2M) communications. Its customers include Caterpillar Inc., Doosan Infracore America, General Electric, Hitachi Construction Machinery, Hyundai Heavy Industries, Komatsu Ltd., Manitowoc Crane Companies, Inc., and Volvo Construction Equipment among other industry leaders. By means of a global network of low-earth orbit (LEO) satellites and accompanying ground infrastructure, ORBCOMM’s low-cost and reliable two-way data communications track, monitor and control mobile and fixed assets in four core markets: commercial transportation; heavy equipment; industrial fixed assets; and marine/homeland security. ORBCOMM-based products are installed on trucks, containers, marine vessels, locomotives, backhoes, pipelines, oil wells, utility meters, storage tanks and other assets. ORBCOMM is headquartered in Fort Lee, New Jersey and has its network control center in Dulles, Virginia. For more information, visit www.orbcomm.com.

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