Sierra Wireless introduces new embedded modules delivering EDGE and HSDPA connectivity in standard LGA form factor

New AirPrime™ SL Series offers easy upgrade path to new network technologies and enables fully automated surface-mount manufacturing
Las Vegas, NV, USA-March 23, 2010

Sierra Wireless today announced the launch of its new AirPrime™ SL Series intelligent embedded modules. Designed to suit the needs of manufacturers of small host devices in high-volume production, such as e-readers, personal navigation devices and gaming devices, the Sierra Wireless AirPrime SL Series offers EDGE and HSDPA connectivity in a compact and lightweight form factor based on standard 25x30 mm LGA (Land Grid Array).

The LGA surface-mount technology and the standardized form factor enable device manufacturers to easily place AirPrime SL Series modules into the final product using automated manufacturing equipment, offering additional efficiency, flexibility and scalability to manufacturers of mobile consumer, transportation, energy, sales & payment, networking, and field management & logistics solutions. The product line is currently available in footprint compatible EDGE (SL6087) and HSDPA (SL808x) versions.

The AirPrime SL Series expands our existing intelligent embedded modules portfolio, giving our customers additional flexibility and choice” said Didier Dutronc, Senior Vice President of Marketing at Sierra Wireless. “The AirPrime SL Series is ideally suited to the growing market of connected consumer devices, and makes the rich feature set our customers have come to expect from Sierra Wireless modules available in the popular LGA form factor. In addition, future evolutions of the AirPrime SL series will offer an easy upgrade path to new network technologies.”

The AirPrime SL6087 features quad-band (850/900/1800/1900 MHz) EDGE connectivity and an extended temperature range (-40°C to +85°C). It can be used as a simple modem controlled via AT commands, or it can host and natively execute the customer’s standard ANSI C/C++ application in addition to the communications function, eliminating the need for an additional processor and reducing the total size and cost of the final product. The AirPrime SL6087 module is also delivered with the full set of Plug-Ins for Open AT® OS, enabling users to easily add TCP/IP and Internet, security, Lua scripting language and Companion GPS capabilities.

The AirPrime SL8080 (850/1900 MHz), AirPrime SL8082 (900/2100 MHz) and AirPrime SL8084 (850/2100 MHz) offer high-speed HSDPA connectivity in the same standard LGA form factor as the AirPrime SL6087. They all support Sierra Wireless Watcher, a simple and easy to use connection manager which minimizes installation time, supports a fast connection experience, and reduces the number and duration of technical support calls, enhancing customer experience and reducing costs.

All AirPrime SL Series products are available with Embedded SIM (Subscriber Identity Module) as an option. Embedded SIM is a fully industrialized and personalized component SIM solution that removes the plastic from a conventional SIM card. The SIM function is integrated into the module itself, ensuring proper functioning in harsh environments and reducing the risk of disconnected devices. Embedded SIM also simplifies the logistics associated with SIM card inventory, and eliminates the risk of SIM card theft.

For increased efficiency and simplicity in remote device management, AirPrime SL Series modules can be managed with Sierra Wireless AirVantage™ Management Services for AirPrime. AirVantage device management enables manufacturers, or their service provider customers, to remotely monitor and upgrade AirPrime devices in the field through a web portal, saving considerable operating costs.

Samples of AirPrime SL Series modules will be available in the first half of 2010. Commercial availability is expected in the second half of 2010.

For more information about the Sierra Wireless AirPrime SL Series, please visit our booth #3515 at CTIA Wireless 2010 in Las Vegas, NV, USA, or visit To contact the Sierra Wireless Sales Desk, call +1 (604) 232-1488 or email [email protected].

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