DNA and Sierra Wireless to launch
co-operation in mobile broadband

Helsinki, Finland-March 10, 2010

As of today, DNA will offer its customers even faster connections with modern Mokkula modem devices supplied by Sierra Wireless. This is the first time Sierra Wireless USB modems have been available in Finland. The sales package has been tailored according to DNA’s customers’ wishes by including an external antenna.

– Since our aim is to offer the best to our customers at all times, we keep a close eye on the advances of terminal devices. The time is right for presenting Sierra Wireless now, as its HSPA+ capability allows for introducing ever-higher speeds. Our HSPA+ network is expanding at a good pace, says Pekka Väisänen, Vice President, Consumer Business at DNA.

The HSPA+ upgrade has facilitated the use of wireless internet connection with speeds of several megabits per second in favourable conditions, and with suitable terminal devices.

The theoretical maximum data rate of the DNA Mokkula USB 309 modem, supplied by Sierra Wireless, is 21 Mbps, which equals the theoretical maximum speed of DNA’s network at the moment. Online services can now be fully utilised, thanks to high speeds and good connection quality.

– Lower rates suffice for browsing the Internet, but, for instance, viewing videos highlights the benefits of a high-speed connection, Väisänen says.

Sierra Wireless works in partnership with many large global companies in data communications, including Telefonica, O2, Telstra, Sprint, and AT&T.

- We are excited to collaborate with DNA to launch HSPA+ mobile broadband technology in the Finnish market. DNA’s advanced HSPA+ network offers fast, efficient connectivity, and with the DNA Mokkula USB 309, customers have the freedom to use even the most demanding online applications like video streaming on their notebooks or netbooks from virtually anywhere, said Jim Lahey, Vice President of EMEA Sales for Sierra Wireless.

The DNA Mokkula USB 309 is easy to set up and use, with software that conveniently installs directly from the modem the first time it is inserted into the notebook’s USB port. The external antenna greatly improves reception in fringe areas.

– Our customers, such as sailors and hikers, who frequent places where getting good reception can be challenging, have been asking for wireless modems with external antennas. There are 4.6 million Finns living in our 3G network coverage area, but many of them travel to entirely unpopulated areas. We want to be able to serve them as well, states Väisänen.

In addition to the antenna, the new DNA Mokkula modem comes with a slot for a microSD™ memory card, and it is compatible with most common operating systems, such as Windows® 7 and Mac OS® X 10.6.1.

The new device, DNA Mokkula USB 309, is available from DNA shops starting from today, 10th March. Customers who purchase the new modem and DNA’s 2 Mbit mobile broadband on a fixed contract of 24 months will be able to use the Full Rate service for no extra fee. The service enables connection at the highest maximum speed allowed by the network.

Further information
Vice president, consumer business, Pekka Väisänen, DNA Ltd, tel. +358 44 0400 168, [email protected]
Sierra Wireless Public Relations: Sharlene Myers, tel. +1 604 232 1445, [email protected]
DNA Communications: communications manager Helena Sukuvaara, DNA Ltd, tel. +358 44 044 4201, [email protected]

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