Sierra Wireless delivers a new compact, high-value wireless broadband solution

The AirLink™ Raven XE 3G Ethernet Gateway offers an intelligent, high-speed alternative for enterprise customers requiring 24/7 operation and monitoring of remote assets
Vancouver (Canada)-October 22, 2008

Sierra Wireless (NASDAQ: SWIR - TSX: SW) today announced the availability of the AirLink™ Raven XE, a high-value 3G Ethernet gateway that provides powerful, intelligent, high speed wireless connectivity in a compact, cost effective package. Powered by ALEOS™ and a robust ARM9 processor, and equipped with a 10/100 Ethernet port, the Raven XE 3G Ethernet gateway is ideally suited for applications requiring 24/7 remote monitoring and the capability to quickly send and receive large files such as photos or interactive media content.

“The Raven XE has been developed to meet the needs of customers that require a powerful, high-speed wireless connection for their M2M and portable transaction processing applications in a more compact form factor,” said Justin Schmid, vice president of the Sierra Wireless Mobile and M2M group. “The power and versatility of the Raven XE Ethernet gateway, along with its compact design, make it a compelling option for either internal or external system integration, while its cost efficiency allows it to be a practical solution for wider scale deployments.”

The Raven XE provides a high-speed Ethernet interface and 3G-optimized architecture, making it ideal for various commercial mobile or portable network connectivity applications, such as point of sale kiosks, digital signage and automated teller machines, and its small form factor enables integration within small enclosures. Its rugged design and aluminum enclosure make it equally suited for remote industrial and M2M deployments, and a mini-USB port increases its versatility by simplifying diagnostics and updates. Raven XE is also equipped with IPSec VPN and GRE tunneling, protecting data from unauthorized access.

Robust intelligence and device management
The Raven XE leverages the power of ALEOS™, the embedded intelligence available exclusively on the Sierra Wireless line of AirLink™ products. ALEOS offers seamless integration with legacy equipment, thanks to a comprehensive set of embedded protocols. Coupled with the AceWare™ suite of remote management tools, ALEOS simplifies device setup and provisioning and provides customers with comprehensive remote configuration and diagnostic capabilities, lowering the total cost of ownership. 

The accompanying AceWare suite of device management and configuration tools has also been enhanced to support the new security features of ALEOS. This allows Raven XE users to easily configure the IPSec and GRE parameters of the Raven XE remotely and in real-time.

Raven XE product summary
The Raven XE provides enterprise customers with round-the-clock unmanned operation of remote assets and high-speed broadband connectivity for wireless transaction processing and data transfer. Key features include:

  • ALEOS™ embedded intelligence
  • AceWare™ remote monitoring, control, management and configuration utilities
  • IPSec VPN  and GRE tunneling to protect data from unauthorized access
  • HSPA connection technology
  • Receive Diversity
  • 10/100 Ethernet port
  • Compact form factor
  • Mini-B USB port to enhance data throughput and increase flexibility
  • High speed ARM9 processor optimizes performance
  • Class I Div 2 certified for use in hazardous environments
  • Seamless integration with legacy equipment

The Raven XE is for HSPA networks available now for order through Sierra Wireless authorized distributors and value-added resellers worldwide – for a complete list, please visit Raven XE for EV-DO Rev. A networks is planned for 2009.

For more information about the Sierra Wireless Raven XE 3G Ethernet Gateway please visit To contact the Sierra Wireless Sales Desk, call +1 (604) 232-1488 or e-mail [email protected].

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