Wavecom welcomes four new centers of excellence

Program identifies local experts across the globe to help customers accelerate time to market.
Issy-les-Moulineaux, France-June 24, 2008
Wavecom S.A. today announced the expansion of its Centers of Excellence (CoE) program to include four new Centers of Excellence across the globe, bringing the total number to six. This highly qualified worldwide network, is continuously trained by Wavecom and has proven knowledge in Wavecom technology and wireless connectivity. They draw on recognized expertise in hardware design, software and Open AT® embedded application development, system integration, testing, prototyping, certification and manufacturing, and can assist Wavecom customers in achieving their specific requirements for optimized, cost competitive systems fast.

The newly named Wavecom Centers of Excellence are:

ConnectM, India: ConnectM, based in Bangalore, India, provides end-to-end solutions, analytics, and business intelligence to the transportation, industrial, utilities and enterprise markets. These offerings are enabled by applications powered with cutting-edge Machine-to-Machine (M2M) communication technology. ConnectM also works with players across the M2M value chain and provides them consulting, application development, and product life cycle development & sustenance services. www.connectm.com

Device Solutions, North Carolina, USA: Device Solutions, a US company conveniently based just one mile from Wavecom's Americas Region headquarters office in Research Triangle Park, NC, provides device consulting, design, development, testing, certification, project management, and approval services to clients worldwide. Utilizing a host of proven strategic partners providing everything from industrial design to manufacturing along with complete reference hardware and embedded and Open AT software APIs, Device Solutions has the resources and relationships to support partial or turnkey solutions. www.device-solutions.com

Lattech Systems, South Africa: Lattech Systems is a South African based research and development company providing data solutions over public GSM telecommunication networks. Our aim is to make connecting and managing your remote located devices as easy and cost-effective as possible. www.lattech.co.za

Spectrum Design Solutions, Minnesota, USA: Spectrum Design Solutions Inc. is an embedded wireless product design company based in the US. Spectrum takes their customer's ideas and specifications and turns them into reality. With proven Wavecom hardware references, custom antenna design capability and a large library of software enhancements to Open AT®, Spectrum can get customer products to market quickly. www.spectrumdsi.com

Wavecom certifies all Centers of Excellence based on a thorough evaluation of their technical expertise, business focus, financial stability and finally quality standards. These CoEs are regularly trained on Wavecom technology. As a Wavecom-certified CoE they will act as trusted advisors and prescribers of Wavecom solutions, serving as sub-contractors for design challenges and opportunities. This program gives them access to all new Wavecom solutions and latest innovations.

The partnership program emphasizes bridging the technology gaps that many new wireless machine-to-machine projects encounter. By working with qualified and competent Wavecom Centers of Excellence - adopters of connected systems can remain focused on their core businesses and leave the wireless part of equation to experts. Wavecom and its network of partners offer a complete set of services from design to integration to manufacturing.

For more information visit: http://www.wavecom.com/partners