Wavecom Introduces Q52 Omni Wireless CPU®

World's First Cellular-Satellite Hybrid: New Wireless CPU® delivers global coverage at a fraction of the cost.
Issy-les-Moulineaux, France-April 02, 2008
Wavecom today announced a groundbreaking combination of cellular, satellite and GPS technology (select models) on a single device: the Wavecom Q52 Omni Wireless CPU®. Based on Wavecom Wireless Microprocessor® technology, the Q52 Omni embodies unprecedented integration by embedding control of all three technologies on a single processor, enabling significant cost savings over existing multiprocessor solutions. The powerful, built-in ARM9 processor and included Open AT® Software Suite allow developers to develop, embed and execute their applications directly on the device.

Capable of enduring even the harshest environmental conditions, the Q52 Omni was created to enable remote monitoring and control of assets absolutely anywhere in the world.

"We fully expect this device to change the face of asset tracking by enabling cost-effective, global monitoring," said Stefan Lindvall, Wavecom Group Vice President and Head of the Americas Region Americas. "The integration and price point, particularly when paired with affordable services from our Satellite partner ORBCOMM, are sure to open the door to mass adoption of this technology particularly in industries focused on high-value equipment, transportation and logistics."

To further reduce total cost of ownership, the new Q52 Omni supports the unique, secure Wavecom Intelligent Device Service offer, providing customers with access to the world's most powerful Web-based service platform for upgrading and monitoring networked machines.

Visit www.wavecom.com/q52omni or CTIA booth # 5135 for more information.