Wavecom sets new standards for embedded wireless design launching Open AT® Software Suite 2.0

New OS version supports programming languages C and Lua.
Issy-les-Moulineaux, France-March 19, 2008

Wavecom, today announced the commercial availability of its Open AT® Software Suite 2.0.

The next generation software architecture represents continuing improvement and innovation that allows developers to write application code in two popular programming languages: C and Lua - C for efficiency and code compactness and Lua for ease of development and code security. The developed code can be re-used, without modification, on multiple Wavecom Wireless CPU® devices from Plug & Play to Quik to Wireless Microprocessor® families. This portability feature allows the growing number of Open AT® developers to benefit from re-using previously developed code for reducing the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) of their end products by developing scalable platforms and shortening Time To Market (TTM).

In addition to application portability, the newest version of the Open AT® Software Suite comes with a wide variety of value added features that specifically target remotely installed machines where cost optimisation is critical to a product's success. One such significant advance is the ability of the pre-emptive RTOS (Real Time Operating System) to support multi-tasking, a much anticipated feature of the Open AT® customer base.

Grant Bradley, Head of Design, Psitek (Republic of South Africa) commented: "Because we needed to lower the cost of our product, we chose Wavecom's Wireless Microprocessor® WMP100 using the Open AT® Software Suite 2.0. In our development phase, the level of commitment and support from Wavecom was fantastic.
We now have a great, competitive product based on a flexible platform, and a path for making future product development easier and faster."

Simon Block, Senior Developer at Symstream (Australia) commented, "I was impressed with the new open audio interfaces when porting my applications onto Wavecom's Wireless CPU® using the Open AT® RTOS. The real time BSP-based software architecture allowed me to market our SynMultiGTM plug-in in record time across the Wavecom Wireless CPU® portfolio."

This unique RTOS allows direct access to hardware resources within a guaranteed response time upon interruption what ever the GSM, GPRS or EDGE state of the Wireless CPU® (active or not) and full access to the audio path for complex audio processing via easy APIs. The monitoring of the application's multi-task structure is made through a programmable application-dedicated "watchdog" which is tuneable depending on the processing to be performed and debugging is made easier using JTAG probes.

Finally, the firmware has been upgraded to support Wavecom's uniquely secure Intelligent Device Service (IDS) offer, providing customers with access to the world's most powerful web-based service platform for upgrading and monitoring networked machines.

Stéphane Baixas, Wavecom Software Director concluded, "There is no doubt in my mind that this release is a milestone in software development of enterprise communication applications. It brings together multiple parts of Wavecom's strategy that are needed to accelerate market growth. I'm extremely pleased to see the number of customers either already in production or designing new products with this release which is testament to value based our approach."

Visit our website for more information on this new software product: www.wavecom.com/openat2.0