Sunlink International integrates Wavecom Q24 Plus Wireless CPU® in Taxi4U service

The first intelligent transportation technology for taxi service in Hong Kong.
Issy-les-Moulineaux, France-January 09, 2008

Wavecom S.A. today announced that Sunlink International Holdings Limited ("Sunlink")'s affiliated company, Spaceinet Sunlink Limited ("Spaceinet Sunlink"), has selected the Wavecom Wireless CPU® Q24 Plus for their intelligent dispatch system for the taxi industry.

Sunlink has introduced an intelligent transportation technology for the taxi industry in Hong Kong, named TAXI4U. This innovative system uses Sunlink's proprietary KENJI blackbox, which has been recognized by international logistic companies. With its real-time back-end vehicle tracking platform, the VTRACK4U provides intelligent dispatch solutions. The KENJI is equipped with the Wavecom Wireless CPU® Q24 Plus which provides a solution that combines GPS and advanced database processing technologies to be integrated into the taxi operating system.

TAXI4U is the first intelligent dispatch system developed and implemented for the taxi industry. It has been supported by many taxi associations, mobile communications operators and related government departments. Using the back-end dispatch system and wireless communication network, taxi operators that have equipped their vehicles with the KENJI blackbox will be able to quickly inform drivers of the nearest customer who has called for a taxi. This service will not only improve the operational efficiency of taxi fleets, but will also be capable of keeping a detailed service record, hence can help to markedly enhance the reliability and convenience of taxi service for passengers.

"This first of-its-kind service uses Sunlink's intelligent transportation technology at its core. The Wavecom Wireless CPU® is then embedded in the KENJI blackbox which also has DOTA (Download over the air) functionality for investment protection and increased flexibility. Its proven industrial and automotive quality standards definitely increse the reliability of the KENJI blackbox and benefits the TAXI4U service", said Mr. C.P. Kwok, Chief Operating Officer of Spaceinet Sunlink.

"The launch of TAXI4U service creates an efficient new taxi service in Hong Kong. It brings an optimal service model to taxi operators and provides a reliable and high-performance taxi service to passengers. We look forward to extend this service to other public transportation and logistics industries in both Hong Kong and mainland China,' commented Didier Dutronc, President, Wavecom Asia-Pacific, Ltd.

Initial orders for this project are expected to equip 1,000 taxis in Hong Kong. The project is targeted to equip 30% of the 18,000 taxis in Hong Kong when is fully implemented.

About Sunlink International Holdings Limited

Sunlink International Holdings Limited has been listed on the Main Board of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange since 2003. Headquartered in Hong Kong, Sunlink International Holdings Limited mainly focuses on the development of automobile communication devices for its auto parts & devices business. In addition, Sunlink also involves in the sales and marketing of semiconductors and power metering solutions business. It has an extensive geographic reach and is supported by an R&D and technical support center in the Shenzhen High-Tech Zone and liaison points in Beijing and Shanghai.