Wavecom establishes Centers of Excellence program to drive adoption of wireless machine communication

Issy-les-Moulineaux, France -December 20, 2007
Wavecom S.A. today announced the formalization of its "Centers of Excellence" (CoE) program aimed at building a worldwide network of design partners to facilitate adoption of wireless machine-to-machine technologies.

The new partnership program emphasizes bridging the technology gaps that many new wireless machine-to-machine projects encounter. By working with qualified and competent Wavecom Centers of Excellence – adopters of connected systems can remain focused on their core businesses and leave the wireless part of equation to experts. Wavecom and its network of partners offer a complete set of services from design to integration to manufacturing.

"New ideas frequently surface that require the use of connected machines to promote the real-time exchange of valuable information – but, oftentimes these opportunities are never seized because of the complex nature of the wireless piece. By seeding our technology throughout a worldwide ecosystem of experts, we complete the chain in turning ideas into reality," commented Olivier Beaujard, VP Business Development for Wavecom.

Wavecom certifies all Centers of Excellence based on a thorough evaluation of their technical expertise, business focus, financial stability and finally quality standards. These CoEs are regularly trained on Wavecom technology. As a Wavecom-certified CoE they will act as trusted advisors and prescribers of Wavecom solutions, serving as sub-contractors for design challenges and opportunities. This program gives them access to all new Wavecom solutions and latest innovations.

"We are pleased to welcome the Sony Alsace technology center as Wavecom’s newest Center of Excellence, we plan to actively recruit new members in all regions during 2008." Beaujard concluded.

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