Wavecom slashes time to develop M2M applications by offering open source Lua Plug-In for free

Lua, a robust, road-tested scripting language gives programmers unparalleled speed in application development
Issy-les-Moulineaux, France -December 06, 2007

Wavecom S.A. today announced the availability of the Lua Plug-In®Open AT specifically targeting developers of smart, connected devices who chose to use an interpreted programming environments

Developers of communicating machines need to have all of the tools available today to create, test and explore new methods of applying wireless connectivity in ways that make everyday life easier. To facilitate this process, Wavecom is now offering developers access to Lua - one of the fastest scripting language to develop with - free of charge, including source code delivery under the terms of the MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) open-source license.

Complementing the Open AT® software environment, Lua is particularly applicable for rapid embedded application development and prototyping. It is well-known for its ease of integration with C language (C Binding). The intuitive, interpreted scripting language will allow developers to write an application in literally minutes compared to days using other programming languages. Lua was developed in 1993 at the PUC - Pontifical Catholic University, Rio de Janeiro in Brazil and has been used in thousands of applications encompassing an installed base exceeding millions.

Philippe Guillemette, Wavecom CTO commented, "What makes this so important is that people will naturally write their applications as a mix of C and Lua. This means that for high level routines, one would be using Lua while time critical processes would be written in C and executed together with the legacy C coded applications. I believe this combination offers the ultimate in term of performance and productivity for the embedded world".

The move to offer Lua is the direct result of the feedback from participants in Wavecom's Developer Think Tank program. Wavecom software teams have worked on finding ways to facilitate the development task and at the same time allow applications to evolve. This led to the Open AT® Lua Plug-In delivery free of charge in open-source together with the creation of an Open AT® Lua-specific wiki to bolster developer interest and facilitate experience sharing. Using established standards like Lua should further open the world of embedded applications for growth.

For more information about Wavecom's Open AT® Software Suite, the Open AT® Lua Plug-In and the Wavecom Developer forum: