Wavecom technology used in watercraft tracking

Sunlink mSolutions Ltd. Selects Wavecom wireless technology with C-GPS tracking features for its KENJI watercraft terminal for theft prevention
Issy-les-Moulineaux (France) -September 20, 2007

Wavecom S.A. announced today that its wireless technology, complete with C-GPS companion chips, has been designed into the KENJI KJ 8800 watercraft tracking terminal.

Mobile assets by definition have a higher-than-average risk of being stolen. When we think of mobile assets, we often think cars and trucks, but, watercarft is another mobile asset that can benefit from wireless tracking devices for theft prevention.

Sunlink's KENJI KJ-8800 tracking terminal has integrated the Wavecom Q2686 Wireless CPU with C-GPS companion software protocol stack and GPS chips making it a complete GSM/GPRS/GPS solution. The C-GPS chipset receives location data, performs the preliminary data processing and forwards it to the Wavecom Wireless CPU for transmission via cellular networks.

"The Wavecom Q2686, with its C-GPS option is a real breakthrough in the technology. It's simple to use, highly effective and ideal for us to use in developing our revolutionary solution to safeguard our customers' valuable assets," said Ben Liu, Chief Technical Officer of Sunlink.

Specifically designed for watercraft, the KENJI KJ-8800 terminal is a robust, compact and easily concealed unit that is moisture-proof for harsh marine conditions. Because the terminal uses both the GPS and wireless communication technologies to track the stolen watercraft - it can track on land or in the water. Once installed, the positioning signals can be generated within seconds and any movement of the watercraft can be monitored. Due to the unstable, shaky conditions of the sea, the build-in Smart Logic function enhances the sensitivity as well as accuracy of the system and allows any unusual movement to be reported to a control center or law enforcement agency.

"As wireless technology becomes more and more pervasive, new applications, like this watercraft tracking device are being created and developed by a wide range of players. We are pleased that companies like Sunlink, Ltd. are putting development effort and investment into innovative projects for an array of new applications," commented Didier Dutronc, President, Wavecom Asia-Pacific, Ltd.