Wavecom and PEIKER acustic co-suppliers of wireless capabilities to German auto maker

Wavecom supports embedded telephones in more new models
Issy-les-Moulineaux (France)-July 25, 2007

Wavecom SA and PEIKER acustic today announced that the BMW Group will integrate embedded, hands-free telephone capability into future lines of passenger cars using a PEIKER acustic GmbH amp; Co. KG telephone kit with Wavecom wireless technology.

The PEIKER acustic in-board wireless telephone is based on a Wavecom Q2686 Wireless CPU® that fully uses Wavecom’s powerful Open AT® Software Suite. Engineers at PEIKER acustic now port the BMW Group specific telematics applications directly on the embedded Wireless CPU® from Wavecom. This next generation technology allows the driver and passengers to make high quality, private or hands-free calls from the car – or by using a Bluetooth option, from their own personal handset.

Frank Souguir, Wavecom Group Vice President, EMEA region commented, “The newest version of the telephone kit designed by PEIKER acustic integrates voice and messaging capability into cars from the BMW Group. We believe this shows the growing demand for this type of technology of which Wavecom has well-developed expertise. This growing relationship between Wavecom, PEIKER acustic and the BMW Group reinforces the fact that well-known car manufacturers are turning to Wavecom’s technology as the automobile industry leader.”

Reinhard Kromer-von Baerle, Executive Vice President, Telematics from PEIKER acustic added, “This latest version of in-board wireless telephone options is fast becoming a highly-valued feature for German car manufacturers, one which responds to growing consumer demand. Wavecom continues to deliver leading-edge wireless technology, especially in the area of application software that allows PEIKER acustic to easily integrate many new wireless features into its products that car makers are requesting.”

About PEIKER acustic

PEIKER acustic GmbH & Co. KG is a leading provider of components in the area of communications technology – both for cars and for professional radios (PMR). Founded in 1946, the company can look back on many years’ experience in the realm of acoustics. Its product portfolio extends to all components of in-car infotainment and entertainment. Among PEIKER acustic’s regular clients are renowned international auto manufacturers, industrial firms, government agencies, and mobile phone manufacturers. More information is available at www.peiker.de.