Yulon Nissan teams up with Wavecom to develop its next generation telematics system called "TOBE"

Issy-les-Moulineaux (France) -March 06, 2007
Wavecom (Nasdaq: WVCM, Euronext: AVM) today announced the integration of its technology into the next generation of Yulon Nissan's telematics system called TOBE. This next generation of TOBE is an operator-serviced navigation, system integrating Wavecom's Wireless CPU®.

Future plans from Yulon Nissan include extending the TOBE telematics system, based Wavecom technology, to all Yulon Nissan vehicles. This marks the first contract for Wavecom with an Asian automotive conglomerate for global automotive telematics solutions. Yulon Nissan expects the new generation of its TOBE telematics system, which meets global automotive specifications, to help increase their global market share in the automotive industry

As a pioneer of telematics in Taiwan, Yulon Nissan strives to provide the best service for drivers and having a successful system-development partner is a key to achieving this goal. Wavecom's leadership position in the European automotive telematics market has helped by providing advanced technology based on many years of experience.

Didier Dutronc, President of Wavecom Asia Pacific stated, "Yulon Nissan is the first major car manufacturer partner in Asia and we are extremely pleased to have reached this critical milestone for in the Asia telematics market." He added, "During the development process, we were able to share our rich experience from working with European and American car manufacturers.

This new telematics system from Yulon Nissan will use Wavecom's Open AT® Software Suite that allows developers to create and execute in ANSI C language, enabling many new functions for the newest generation of TOBE. Wavecom's long-life products combined with the Open AT® Software Suite flexibility will increase the effectiveness of the TOBE system.