Wavecom demonstrates WiSIM world's first fully embedded SIM

WiSIM innovation Simplifies market access for M2M
Issy-les-Moulineaux (France) -March 05, 2007

Wavecom (Nasdaq: WVCM, Euronext: AVM) today announced WiSIM (Wavecom integrated Subscriber Identity Module), an innovative solution that takes a major step to facilitating the deployment of wireless devices in cellular networks.

Laurent Girault, Wavecom Technical Marketing Director explains, "Many industrial devices present a set of complex design challenges as they become adapted to wireless communication. One such challenge is the integration of the SIM card. We are extremely pleased to be the first to have demonstrated a technology which fully embeds the SIM function into selected GSM Wireless CPU® models. This breakthrough removes one more obstacle to stimulating wireless M2M and automotive market growth."

Specific requirements for industrial wireless devices include: long-life -- more than ten years for utility meters, for example -- and harsh environments such as extreme temperatures and excessive vibrations for vehicles. The typical SIM card, like those used in GSM mobile phones and other consumer electronics are built in to plastic cards and therefore do not address the rigorous demands for many industrial applications.

The WiSIM component will be an embedded option in selected Wavecom GSM/GPRS Wireless CPU® families including Quik, Plug & Play and its Wireless Microprocessor® range. By integrating the SIM at the chip level, both customers and operators benefit from a simplified and faster cellular subscription. The robust industrial design ensures proper functioning in harsh climatic conditions which reduces the risk of disconnected devices that are often linked to high-value, time-sensitive transactional data. In addition, with the SIM embedded into the Wavecom Wireless CPU®, logistics and management issues associated with the SIM card inventory becomes easier, more cost effective and more secure, thus reducing the risk of potential SIM card theft, especially once it is installed.

The WiSIM answers customer needs from several industrial segments including automotive for toll collect and emergency call applications and the market for automatic meter management (AMM). It will complement all of Wavecom's existing technology including the Wireless CPU®, the Open AT® Software Suite, and RDMS (Remote Device Management Services).

Wavecom will demonstrate WiSIM in Paris March 6 - 8 at Machine to Machine 2007 and CTIA in Orlando, FL (USA) March 27 - 29.