Wavecom Introduces Remote Device Management Services

World's first complete wireless operated service for telematics and M2M
Issy-les-Moulineaux (France) -February 08, 2007

Wavecom announced today the launch of Remote Device Management Services (or RDM Services) to complement its Wireless CPU®, Wireless Microprocessor® and Open AT® Software Suite portfolio. Using this new service, customers can develop or enhance their own offers in areas like after-sale repair, preventative maintenance and new product feature updates.

Wavecom's RDM Services make it possible to easily and cost-effectively monitor and update products in the field, remotely via a complete, secure, turn-key, end-to-end operated service. Equipment manufacturers and service providers can save significant time and expense by running remote diagnostics, upgrading their own applications and core wireless firmware, add new features or follow evolving standards.

Recent industry reports, including one from the Aberdeen Group , conclude that savings derived from establishing a remote device management system can quickly add up. In one example, they looked at savings opportunities by simply reducing the number of dispatches of technicians for service calls. If an RDM system is established in a company that has 50 technicians making an average of 3 service calls per day, the savings can add up to as much as $ 2.3 million annually while, at the same time, dramatically improving the quality of service response.

Wavecom's offer is based on a powerful, field-proven, OMA-DM-compliant (Open Mobile Alliance - Device Management) client-server software suite. This builds upon existing Wavecom DOTA (Download Over-the-Air) capabilities, enhanced by compression technology, reducing the size of the downloaded software and air-time costs by up to 95%. It will be combined with remote-monitoring features in a range of existing and new Wavecom Wireless CPU®s, pre-programmed to accept remote activation anytime and anywhere.

"With increased demand for product uptimes, and longer product lifecycles, machine manufacturers across a variety of industries are increasingly incorporating remote product service (RPS) solutions into their post-sales support strategies," said Mark Vigoroso, Chief Research Officer at the Aberdeen Group. "Fully 70% of the best-in-class service organizations we recently surveyed are already using RPS solutions; so, we expect this strategy to gain momentum quickly."

Philippe Guillemette, Wavecom CTO commented, "We are leveraging our experience in wireless technology to protect our customers' investments and move toward value-added solutions that can benefit the whole marketplace. We are the only company to offer a complete turn-key solution, including server, embedded protocol stack and real-time embedded operating system, all of which are built on Wavecom-owned and developed technology. This critical expertise and complete technology ownership guarantees the reliability, and security of the service operation over an extended period of time."

The service is expected to begin deployment in the second half of 2007.

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