Wavecom launches first in a series of Blue Papers to heighten awareness of wireless Machine-to-Machine communication

Blue Paper No. 1 - Open AT® Software Suite: Dedicated to wireless Machine-to-Machine Applications
Issy-les-Moulineaux, France-October 12, 2006
Wavecom SA, a global leader in wireless communication solutions for automotive, industrial (machine-to-machine) and mobile professional applications, today announced that it has begun publishing a series of "Blue Papers" addressing wireless machine-to-machine communication to increase awareness of this growing sector.

The first in a series of "Blue Papers" to be issued by Wavecom is an introduction to Wavecom's Open AT® Software Suite. The paper examines the benefits of using an open software platform, like Wavecom's Open AT® Software Suite for developing all types of communicating machines.

Anders Franzén, Chief Operating Officer of Wavecom commented, "We want systems designers and architects to understand the many advantages that can be gained by simply enabling machines to communicate." He went on to say, "Opportunities abound for increasing operating efficiencies, deriving cost savings and generating revenue via wireless communication - but these opportunities remain vastly underexploited by businesses today."

Wavecom, a pioneer in wireless communication technology, began addressing the burgeoning industrial wireless market as early as 1997 and launched the first version of its Open AT® software in 2001. Today, over four million Open AT®-based solutions are currently working in a variety of vertical product applications around the world. The fourth generation of the Open AT® Software Suite will be introduced by the end of 2006.

Wavecom reinforced its market-leading position in April of this year when it became the first market player to move toward industry consolidation by acquiring the M2M business unit of Sony Ericsson. Franzén concluded, "We take our role as a market leader seriously and believe we have an obligation to inform and educate a wide variety of audiences to drive market expansion. Our Blue Papers represent an excellent vehicle to do just that."

You can download the first Wavecom "Blue Paper" here.