Cingular Adds Sierra Wireless AirCard® 875 Wireless WAN LaptopConnect Card to its 3G Device Portfolio

Tri-band HSDPA/UMTS AirCard 875 and Cingular BroadbandConnect Offers the Latest HSDPA Technology and Worldwide 3G Roaming.
Los Angeles, CA (USA)-September 12, 2006

Sierra Wireless (NASDAQ: SWIR - TSX: SW) and Cingular Wireless today announced the availability of a new LaptopConnect card, the AirCard® 875, the most advanced 3G PC Card based upon the GSM global wireless standard.  The card is also the first commercially available HSDPA 3.6 Mbps network card in the Americas.

With the AirCard 875, Cingular customers can have single-card mobile broadband access to data services in more places worldwide than offered by any other U.S. carrier.  The AirCard 875 enables laptop users to stay connected to the information and people they need while away from their desk or home. 

“As Cingular aggressively expands our 3G network and GSM carriers continue to deploy UMTS/HSDPA around the world, our customers can take advantage of the best wireless technology available whether they are traveling across town, around the country, or internationally,” said Jeff Bradley, vice president – Business Markets Group for Cingular. “With the AirCard 875, customers have a single card solution that can be used in more than 100 countries worldwide.”

“We are pleased to be working with Cingular to expand 3G service across the country,” said Dan Schieler, Senior Vice President of Worldwide Sales for Sierra Wireless. “The AirCard 875 offers Cingular customers the latest in 3G technology, providing both the best available international roaming flexibility and the opportunity to upgrade seamlessly as the company’s network expands and evolves.”

Cingular's BroadbandConnect service and LaptopConnect card are currently available in more than 80 markets surrounding more than 20 major metropolitan cities.  The company said it will continue to expand coverage to additional markets in and around major metropolitan cities in the coming months.   BroadbandConnect provides average downlink data speeds between 400-700Kbps (kilobits per second) with bursts to more than a Mbps (megabit per second) and uplink speeds to 384Kbps.  When traveling outside the BroadbandConnect coverage area, the AirCard 875 enables service on Cingular’s EDGE (Enhanced Data Rates for Global Evolution) network, available in more than 13,000 cities and towns and in areas along more than 40,000 miles of highways.

Pricing and availability
The AirCard 875 LaptopConnect card will be available in October through Cingular Wireless enterprise and retail sales channels for $99.99 (after rebate) when customers sign up for a two-year unlimited DataConnect contract.  Cingular's Unlimited DataConnect plan is $59.99 for customers with a qualifiying Cingular voice plan.  The rebate is also available to Cingular customers who travel outside the United States when they purchase a one-year contract for either Cingular DataConnect North America ($109.99 for 100MB) for travel within Canada and Mexico, or DataConnect Global ($139.99 for 100MB), an overseas plan that provides service in more than two dozen countries including Japan, China, India, Taiwan, Mexico and many countries in Europe.  Both international plans include unlimited data usage on Cingular’s domestic data networks. 

Sierra Wireless AirCard 875
The AirCard 875 is a Type II PC Card with a fixed antenna, supporting peak theoretical data rates of up to 3.6 Mbps on HSDPA networks  and is upgradeable to support future firmware upgrades providing theoretical peak data rates of up to 7.2 Mbps1. The AirCard 875 supports HSDPA and UMTS on the 2100, 1900, and 850 MHz frequency bands, plus EDGE and GPRS on the 1900, 1800, 900, and 850 MHz bands, allowing one card to operate at the best available speed on wireless networks worldwide. In addition to the increased data speed and worldwide roaming capability, the AirCard 875 offers new advanced features: 
• Receiver equalization enables reductions in signal interference and better throughput, which is particularly beneficial to customers in urban areas with high levels of signal noise;
• High-performance antenna in a rugged housing includes integrated status indicator lights and a new low profile design.

The AirCard 875 will be on display in the Cingular booth (#947) at CTIA Wireless IT and Entertainment, held at the Los Angeles Convention Center from September 12 to 14.

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