Wavecom introduces EDGE for M2M and Mobile Professionals

Wavecom OS 6.61 on wireless module Q2687
Issy-les-Moulineaux, France -September 28, 2005

Wavecom SA (NASDAQ: WVCM; Euronext Nouveau Marché Euronext: AVM; ISIN: FR0000073066), a leader in pre-packaged wireless communications solutions for automotive, industrial machine-to-machine and mobile professional applications, today announced the launch of its industrial wireless embedded solution based on Wavecom's Operating System 6.61 which includes EDGE and a range of new innovative features.

The new Wavecom EDGE solution joins the Q26 family of long-life wireless solutions, which are especially designed for industrial machine-to-machine applications. The newest EDGE solution is based on Wavecom's operating system OS 6.61 and paves the way to future 3G developments.

The operating system OS 6.61 uses a host of features to complement the EDGE standard making customization of any application faster and easier for developers. These features include:

·  Wavecom's Open AT version 4.1 development environment

·  Real time OS for embedded time critical applications

·  Switchable processor clock speed

·  Microsoft Windows Mobile compatible

·  Internet Plug-In

·  9 power modes

·  Real time clock with calendar

·  More than 350 AT commands and APIs (Application Programming Interfaces)

·  Available as an OS upgrade on the existing Q2686 wireless module

This OS will offer extensive DOTA (Download Over-The-Air) capabilities. Wavecom is the only wireless solution provider to offer this important feature across it's entire GSM portfolio to the industrial M2M market, making remote e-maintenance and new feature enhancements simple and faster via the use of EDGE. Software upgrades to application equipment can now be done while the equipment is in the field, without ever having to return it to a service center, thereby truly reducing the total long term costs.

Commenting on the announcement, Philippe Guillemette, Group VP, Strategy and Marketing, said: "Adding the EDGE technology expands our opportunities in important markets such as the US," he went on to say, "because Wavecom's Open AT development environment is easy for experienced developers to use and because Wavecom solutions include intellectual property royalties, designers can incorporate wireless functionality into any machine from its conception. This has allowed them to open a whole new dimension of building-in cost saving and functionality around data collection and information gathering that will make any machine more efficient."

The new Q2687 wireless processor is fully "lead-free" compliant according to RoHS (Restriction of Hazardous Substances) and meets worldwide guidelines of low lead content. It has been designed to meet a variety of industrial wireless applications and offers:

·  Powerful wireless processing based on ARM9, 32-bit, 104 MHz running the Real Time OS Open AT?

·  Memory and Peripheral expansion capability through parallel bus

·  Wide temperature range to meet rigid industrial requirements.

·  Long-life platform, up to ten years.

·  The industry's widest set of peripheral interfaces

·  Easy integration into a wide variety of wireless machine applications.

·  Compact size, (40mm x 32.2mm x 4.0 mm).

·  Lead-free certification (RoHS compliant).

·  Ultra low power modes for battery-critical applications such as electricity metering.

·  Global cellular access (four GSM/GPRS frequencies: 850/900/1800/1900 MHz).

·  Quad Audio Codec

·  GPRS class 12

·  EDGE class 10

·  Worldwide certification on major wireless carriers

·  Comprehensive development kits including Open AT Software Development Kit

·  Essential Intellectual Property Rights coverage (as standardized by ETSI)

Wavecom invites you to come visit us at CTIA (Booth: 225) in San Francisco, September 27 - 29. Demonstrations of the EDGE version Q2687 wireless processor will also be available in a dedicated suite.