Wavecom Introduces Breakthrough Wireless Machine-to-Machine Operating System

OS 6.55 boosts investment protection
Issy-les-Moulineaux, France -July 20, 2005

Wavecom SA (NASDAQ: WVCM; Euronext: Eurolist compartment C: AVM; ISIN: FR0000073066), a leader in pre-packaged wireless communications solutions for automotive, industrial machine-to-machine and mobile professional applications, today announced the introduction of a revolutionary cellular embedded operating system, Wavecom OS 6.55, that will extend functionality of wireless machine to machine communication by allowing updates to all system software -- both at the operating and application levels, over-the-air.

With over ten years of development experience, Wavecom is the only industrial wireless solution provider that has created its own operating system which it owns and maintains. The operating system controls, directs and monitors all of the critical wireless functionality in a communicative machine. The key new feature in this latest operating system release, Wavecom OS 6.55, is its ability to easily receive updates and enhancements to all system software even those at the base operating system level via DOTA (Download-Over-the-Air).

Commenting on the announcement, Ron Black, Chief Executive Officer of Wavecom, said: "We are extremely excited to offer customers this true breakthrough in wireless software technology. Keeping software up-to-date for the entire lifetime of a product has become more and more critical as industrial wireless customers need to know that their machines will be able to evolve as network and applications functionality changes over tens of years. By using the Wavecom DOTA Type II feature of our OS 6.55, customers can protect their investment and reduce overall costs by assuring the longevity and reliability of all the installed software."

This new Wavecom operating system represents a major advance in wireless applications design intelligence and brings to the market significant additional features enabling new business models and end-to-end solution cost optimization in addition to "future-proofing" any wireless device.

Supporting Open AT, the world's most powerful cellular embedded application environment, this OS is capable of assimilating more than 300 external commands and more than 300 internal APIs (Application Programming Interface). It also comes complete with a versatile, license-free software development kit, enabling the rapid development of any type of software application.

Key features to the OS 6.55 release include:

  • DOTA (Download over-the-air) Type I and Type II allowing for remote upgrades to the core Wavecom Operating System via GSM or GPRS networks using all methods like "push", "pull", "timed" or "on-demand" with choice of transport mechanisms including the Internet standard FTP.
  • Bluetooth option (M2M 415). Customers choose their own controller-less Bluetooth chipset and benefit from five integrated Bluetooth profiles, interfaces and dedicated stack directly in the Wavecom OS. Applications include automotive, local telemetry data exchange and corporate desktop phones.
  • Extended analog-to-digital-converter (ADC) modes. Use the ADC to set pre-defined trigger levels at which point an action is to be taken. Used, for example in fire alarm applications.

This new OS will be commercially available in September 2005 and is already under beta evaluation with key customers.