EDMI Integrates Wavecom GSM/GPRS Module for Automated Meter Reading in United Kingdom

Industrial wireless growth continues, aided by utility supply deregulation.
Issy-les-Moulineaux, France and Hong Kong, China-November 04, 2004

Wavecom SA (NASDAQ: WVCM; Euronext Nouveau March Euronext: AVM; ISIN: FR0000073066), a leader in pre-packaged wireless communications solutions for automotive, industrial and mobile professional applications, today announced that its GSM/GPRS M2M module solution has been incorporated into a new AMR (Automated Meter Reading) system from EDMI Limited (Singapore Exchange: SSESDAQ: EDMI).

EDMI Ltd., headquartered in Singapore, has chosen a modem from Wavecom’s Australian distributor InterCEL to integrate with its advanced MK10 electronic revenue meter to provide a wireless AMR solution for BGlobal Metering in the UK. BGlobal, is the first meter data collection provider to introduce this technology and will supply the complete AMR package to independent electricity suppliers in the UK such as Economy Power.

The initial order for 60,000 Wavecom modules will be integrated into utility meters and will include EDMI's meter management and data retrieval software, Eziview and Multidriv, which target industrial, commercial and small businesses end-users. This market, in the UK alone, is estimated to be in the order of two million users.

The meters are designed to meet the requirements of the recently deregulated utility market in the UK where actual, rather than estimated, regular monthly reading will soon become mandatory. In addition to meeting these new requirements, the meters will also provide much more value-added information to enable users to manage better their energy consumption, thereby saving costs and helping with environmental conservation.

The Wavecom modules are expected to be delivered over a period of more than 12 months, depending on the rate of installation.

“AMR is a rapidly growing M2M market segment, primarily driven by the deregulation of the energy utility markets around the world”, said Gerry Weatherall, General Manager of EDMI Australia and CTO of EDMI Ltd. “The UK market has been undergoing this transition for the past several years and with increased competition comes the need to rationalize operating costs. Automating the revenue collection in both developing and developed countries is one such area where significant savings can be realized.”

At the heart of the wireless communications metering system is Wavecom’s Q2403A GSM/GPRS module which provides connection to the GPRS cellular network and related M2M services which are provided by Orange in the UK.

Sang Vu, Technical Director of InterCEL Australia explained, “Because the wireless part of this project is such a critical ingredient in the success of the entire system, InterCEL chose the Wavecom Q2403A module, a product that has already proven its reliability.”

“Wavecom is seeing global growth in many of its industrial market segments and AMR has been identified as one of the key areas of focus.” said Jamie Garroch, Marketing Manager at Wavecom’s Asia Pacific headquarters in Hong Kong. “We expect to continue to take applications of this type one step further by utilizing our mature Open ATTM software development environment to bring design flexibility and significant cost reductions to our customers’ products.”

About EDMI

EDMI is a modern international company that designs, manufactures and sells innovative and technologically advanced electronic Energy Meters, Automatic Meter Reading (AMR) Systems and Metering System Software. EDMI has an extensive range of products for use in revenue applications across the Generation, Transmission and Distribution sectors of the electricity market as well as for Sub-metering and Energy Management applications.

The Company was incorporated under the name EDMI (Asia) Pte Ltd on 15 March 1997 in Singapore as a private limited company. On September 12, 2003, the Company was converted into a public company, changed its name to EDMI Limited and is listed on the Singapore Stock Exchange. Company revenues have shown continual growth from S$10,585,000 in the year 2000 to S$25,744,000 in 2003.

EDMI has offices in Singapore, Australia, China, Malaysia and the UK and has appointed sales agents in other regions including Europe, ASEAN, the Middle East and Africa.