Wavecom to Offer Cellular Voice and Wide Area Networking Capabilities to HP iPAQ Pocket PCs

Wavecom Provides Wireless Technology for Quad-Band HP iPAQ h6300.
San Diego, USA -July 28, 2004

Wavecom SA (NASDAQ: WVCM; Euronext: AVM; ISIN: FR0000073066) announced today that its wireless technology will be used in the HP iPAQ Pocket PC h6300, the first personal communications device with integrated 3-way wireless capabilities. The device is the first mainstream cellular wireless handheld to offer Bluetooth 1.1 and Wi-Fi (802.11b) GSM voice service and GPRS wireless networking.

Wavecom’s WISMO P5186 module, the world’s most compact fully integrated GSM/GPRS solution, allows users to access global voice and data wireless networks. The P5186 module provides the h6300 two critical connections: a data connection to corporate networks that offer continuous access to global internet-based content and a voice connection to GSM voice providers worldwide. Wavecom’s P5186 module supports Class-10 GPRS/GSM data, approximately twice as fast as dial-up service, which enables iPAQ h6300 users to send and receive emails in transit.

With built-in GSM/GPRS, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth wireless networking, the HP iPAQ h6300 provides high-speed wireless voice and data connectivity on a portable handheld device for mobile professionals. A truly global device for mobile communications, the h6300 uses Wavecom’s wireless technology to provide worldwide roaming capabilities via Quad-Band (850/900/1800/1900 MHz) GSM/GPRS. Users have the option of switching between 850/1900 MHz for North America and 900/1800 MHz for the rest of the world.

Wavecom’s WISMO series is the ideal solution for Personal Communications Devices that have an Open OS. The P5186, served by one of the most extensive sets of AT commands, is used as a modem by the application processor to access any GSM/GPRS Class 10 network worldwide. The unique P5186 32.4 x 25.4 mm packaging offers an optimized integration for Wireless PDA and Smartphones.

“Wavecom is delighted that our WISMO technology enabled HP to achieve such an important technological milestone as they release the first cellular-wireless iPAQ,” says Alan Kholos, vice-president, Operations, Wavecom Inc. “As the first to integrate WAN, Wi-Fi 802.11, and Bluetooth wireless technologies together in one instrument, HP is bringing the next generation of wireless capabilities to the PCD market.”

The HP iPAQ Pocket PC h6300 provides the broadest high-speed wireless connectivity currently available in the personal communication device market. It includes a removable snap-on thumb keyboard, optional built-in camera, transflective color display, and removable/rechargeable lithium battery. The clip-on keyboard enables users to more easily compose or receive email, notes and SMS messages. The built-in camera feature allows pictures to print directly to a Bluetooth enabled printer and transmit the images via GPRS data channels.

The world’s most compact GSM/GPRS quadband module, the WISMO Pac P5186 is easily incorporated into handheld terminals requiring sleek, thin packages, such as the iPAQ h6300 and Smartphones. Wavecom’s wireless modules enable flexibility for technology solutions providers to design in the right formula of features for each of their particular market segments and to set new standards for small size in personal communication devices. Using Wavecom’s fully integrated hardware and software and Wavecom MUSE Platform development tools, system integrators are able to introduce their products to market in record time.

T-Mobile will be HP’s first carrier partner in North America. The HP iPAQ h6300 is available nationwide in all T-Mobile stores or direct from HP.