Wavecom Chooses esmertec's Jbed™ ME Java™ Virtual Machine for its Handset Solutions

This partnership accelerates time-to-market for Wavecom customers manufacturing Java-enabled phones.
Issy-les-Moulineaux, France and Zurich, Switzerland-September 30, 2003
Wavecom SA (NASDAQ: WVCM; Euronext: AVM; ISIN: FR0000073066) and esmertec AG (www.esmertec.com) today announced the signature of an agreement for the supply of esmertec’s Jbed™ ME Java™ Virtual Machine (JVM) to Wavecom. The agreement delivers Java applications and all its benefits to future wireless handsets that will be built by Wavecom's customers using the Compact Phones or Feature Phones Development Lab.

Jbed ME is a Java Virtual Machine (JVM) which provides a CLDC/MIDP compatible solution for resource constrained mobile devices. This technology is the only one to enable Java on mobile phones with small CPU power and small memory size.

The Compact Phones and Feature Phones Development Labs are complete suites of software options, WISMO hardware platforms, MUSE Platform development tools and related services designed specifically for building compact, feature-rich mobile phones.

Included in the software package of the Compact Phones and Feature Phones Development Labs, esmertec’s Jbed ME JVM simplifies the work of developers and reduces the time to market, as it has already been integrated and certified to run smoothly with the development tools and hardware included in the Development Labs.

Guy Lanrezac, Marketing Director for Handset Applications of Wavecom, said: "We are pleased to be able to provide our customers, thanks to esmertec, with a strong, high performance and integrated JVM solution inside our Development Labs for mobile telephones. Our customers are looking more and more for integrated solutions reducing their time to market. The integration of Jbed ME into the Compact Phones and Feature Phones Development Labs is a step further in this direction."

"We are delighted about this partnership with a major player such as Wavecom," commented esmertec CEO, Alain Blancquart. "It can potentially get the Jbed technology into huge numbers of future mobile phones. Their users will benefit from the thousands of J2ME applications already available worldwide. We hope to extend our partnership with Wavecom to other market segments inside and outside the mobile phone industry".

About esmertec:

esmertec is the leading independent software company focusing on mass market embedded Java solutions for mobile multimedia phones and embedded devices. Esmertec’s Java Virtual Machines and J2ME-enabling software solutions deliver high performance computing on small devices to mobile equipment and consumer electronics manufacturers, mobile service operators and application developers.

Founded in 1999, esmertec is a global company headquartered in Zurich, with engineering, sales and customer support operations in Switzerland, the United Kingdom, the United States, Singapore, Korea, China, and representation in Japan.

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