Wavecom Introduces CDMA Tri-Mode Module On Market

Issy-les-Moulineaux, France-December 03, 2002
Wavecom SA (NASDAQ: WVCM; Euronext Nouveau Marché: 7306), the world’s number one provider of integrated wireless modules, announced today at the CDMA Americas Congress 2002 show the company’s new tri-mode CDMA WISMO Quik module: the WISMO Quik Q2438.

This new WISMO Quik module incorporates CDMA digital 800 MHz, CDMA 1900 MHz and Amps 800 MHz into one product. It provides wireless communications for a variety of different markets.

Because it will be one of the smallest CDMA modules on the market, Wavecom’s Q2438 WISMO Quik easily accommodates handsets and PDAs, in which form factor is critically important.

The new CDMA tri-mode module uses QUALCOMM’s MSM6050 chipset and includes position location abilities supported by QUALCOMM’s gpsOne technology.

With this tri-mode module, Wavecom now offers two complete CDMA wireless engines – the Q2338 and Q2358 for machine-to-machine (M2M) applications, and the Q2438 for a variety of personal communication devices.

”By shifting the burden of building the wireless part of their device onto Wavecom, our customers are able to better focus on the development of their particular application or product thus providing the ability to move both product development and product introduction more quickly and efficiently”, said Aram Hékimian, Chief Executive Officer at Wavecom. “With our existing global presence in terms of support and manufacturing capability, Wavecom is poised to lead the module market for CDMA as well. Already, we are aggressively penetrating the market with our CDMA products, both within the United States and in Asia, specifically China.”