Wavecom's Latest WISMO Pac Modules Selected by Wonu Telecom of South Korea

Issy-les-Moulineaux, France and Seoul, Korea-August 05, 2002
Wavecom SA (Nasdaq: WVCM; Nouveau Marche: 7306), the world’s number one provider of complete wireless solutions, today announced the signing of a contract with Wonu Telecom Co., Ltd., a major South Korean manufacturer of mobile phones.

Under the terms of the contract, Wavecom is to supply WISMO Pac P3200 series modules and support their integration into Wonu’s new WGM-1891 and another GPRS mobile phone. The phones are scheduled to be launched in China in the fourth quarter of 2002, and later in South East Asia, Australia and Middle East respectively, and will both be sold under third party brand names. The clamshell-shaped phones will feature GPRS up to Class 10 and 64K colour screens. The contract calls for an initial order of 200,000 WISMO Pac modules.

WISMO Pac measures 45 mm x 32.5 mm x 5 mm and weighs only 11 grams, making it the most compact GSM/GPRS solution available anywhere. A patented Column Grid Array™ (CGA) design provides both shielding and connectivity, enabling WISMO Pac to be automatically positioned and soldered onto a circuit board like any regular IC. WISMO Pac is therefore particularly suited to high-volume production runs.

In addition to providing full GSM/GPRS voice and data communications functionality, the new WISMO Pac P3200 series also offers mobile phone and PDA manufacturers the ability to develop tailored colour LCDs.

Commenting on the contract, Song Mee Hee, managing director of Wavecom Korea Co., Ltd, said: “We are very pleased that Wonu has selected our P3200 series modules, the latest addition to our WISMO Pac range, and look forward to a long term relationship with this exciting company.”

The president of Wonu, Park Jongjin, said: “Wonu spends a great deal of effort developing wireless products that improve people's lives. Our relationship with the world’s foremost supplier of wireless technology will allow us to speed up this process and offer better products.”

About Wonu Telecom Co., Ltd
Founded in July 2000, Wonu Telecom is dedicated to developing and changing customer’s lives through wireless technology products. Wonu Telecom is well equipped and prepared to conquer the sea of information & communication with boundless dream and challenging spirit.

Wonu’s branded products include mobile phones (CDMA and GSM), bluetooth headsets, ADSL modems and pagers, which are available in the United States, Canada, Singapore and China. Other products sold through third party brand names are available in East Asia, Australia and the Middle East.