Wavecom Powers Wireless Voice and Data for Handspring Treo

Wavecom’s WISMO™ provides GSM function in Handspring’s new line of communicators.
Paris, France and San Diego, USA-October 22, 2001

Wavecom S.A. (NASDAQ: WVCM; Nouveau Marché: 7306), a leading developer of digital wireless standard modules (WISMO™), today announced that Handspring’s (NASDAQ: HAND) new Treo products, introduced last week, are equipped with Wavecom’s WISMO technology to enable wireless voice and data communications over GSM/GPRS networks.

"Our integrated WISMO module is small enough to fit inside Treo's compact form factor and enabled Handspring to get to market quickly," said Hany Neoman, Wavecom's chief operating officer in the U.S. "We're extremely proud to be an integral part of this innovative product from Handspring."

Handspring president and CEO, Donna Dubinsky, stated, "Wavecom is a key partner for Handspring as we begin to shift our business into wireless communications. The WISMO technology is an integral part of Treo and allowed us to create a sleek and integrated communicator with no compromises on size or functionality."

The Treo family of communicators combines a mobile phone, wireless email, messaging and web browsing, and a Palm OS organizer in a small lightweight device. Handspring will offer two versions of Treo: the Treo 180, featuring a built-in keyboard for text input, and the Treo 180g for users who prefer Graffiti text input. Both will be available in early 2002 for an estimated street price of $399 with GSM service activation. Wavecom's WISMO technology will allow Treo to offer dual-band GSM service for voice and data (900/1900 MHz for use in the U.S., Europe and Asia, 900/1800 MHz for use exclusively in Europe and Asia). When GPRS service plans are widely available, Wavecom's WISMO will allow Treo users to take advantage of the benefits of GPRS networks.