Wavecom Launches Open Software Platform for GSM/GPRS Applications Developers

MUSE Platform gives developers more autonomy and flexibility, as well as lower development costs and faster time-to-market.
Issy-les-Moulineaux, France-October 10, 2001

Wavecom SA (Nasdaq: WVCM; Nouveau Marché: 7306), a leading developer of digital wireless standard modules (WISMO™), today announced the launch of MUSE Platform, or Modular User Software Environment, for wireless applications developers to take advantage of the fast-growing market for GSM and GPRS products. MUSE Platform is an open software environment that allows developers to easily develop and embed wireless applications directly onto WISMO modules and modems.

The first product available based on the MUSE Platform is Open AT, designed for vertical applications such as telemetry, automotive and multimedia systems. Relying on AT commands to drive the WISMO, Open AT lets developers take advantage of available processing capacity and intelligence of WISMO modules and modems. Thanks to Open AT, developers have more autonomy and flexibility when developing wireless applications.

Because developers can embed their applications directly onto WISMO modules and modems, there is no need for extra circuit boards or components. Development costs and time are reduced, and new products get to market faster.

"Open AT will help the vertical markets take off," says Manuel Nau, Wavecom Product Manager. "Open AT will stimulate the emergence of wireless applications because it provides an easy way to integrate GSM/GPRS voice and data capabilities into vertical applications." To take advantage of Open AT, developers need a Wavecom module or modem that supports the Modular User Software Environment, and a Software Development Kit which includes all the documentation, tools and technical support needed to get wireless offerings to market quickly.

In the future, Wavecom will expand and enhance the MUSE Platform with a variety of initiatives. These will include an open interface to enable developers to design man-machine interfaces for mobile devices, and a web forum for the community of wireless applications developers to participate in lively discussions and the exchange of information.