Wavecom included in France's ParisBourse Deferred Settlement Service

Issy-les-Moulineaux, France-September 05, 2000

Wavecom SA (NASDAQ: WVCM; Nouveau Marché: WAVECOM), a leading developer of digital wireless standard modules (WISMO™), announced today that it has been selected for inclusion in the ParisBourse's deferred settlement service (SRD).

The SRD is a service reserved for 159 listed companies that meet the exchange's capitalization and liquidity criteria. These include all companies listed in the SBF120 index, plus 16 from the Second Marché and the Nouveau Marché, and 20 non-French companies. To be eligible for the SRD, a company not listed in the SBF120 index must have a market capitalization of at least 1 billion euro and daily trading volume of more than 1 million euro.

The new system, which will be introduced on September 25 to offset the elimination of the monthly settlement market, will offer investors credit in the form of a fee-based float, if they wish to defer payment until the end of the month.

"We are very pleased to be among the companies selected for the SRD," said Michel Alard, Wavecom's Chairman. "Our selection, coming as it does just a year after our initial public offering, demonstrates that the financial markets recognize the strong potential of Wavecom."