Mobile Computing

Enterprises and their mobile workers need always-on connectivity to their mission-critical applications. Computing manufacturers are delivering. With built-in cellular connectivity in business laptops and tablets, mobile workers can stay securely and reliably connected to business applications and improve collaboration no matter where they are—even when WiFi is unavailable.

Rugged Handhelds

Mobile workers at construction sites, industrial facilities and outdoor environments need reliable connectivity to their critical enterprise applications. Computing manufacturers worldwide are providing rugged new tablets and handheld devices that can stand up to harsh worksite conditions. With secure, always-on wireless connectivity, workers in the field can stay connected and productive anywhere.

Retail & Point of Sale

Retail is more than POS. Leading retailers keep their locations closer-than-ever with Managed Connectivity Solutions for their mission critical applications such as
  • HRIS
  • Environmental management
  • Physical & logical security
  • Supply chain
  • Voice

Digital Signage

Enterprises and retailers are using the IoT to unleash a new generation of consumer advertising and information displays. With smart signage solutions and ubiquitous wireless broadband connectivity, they can bring more targeted and dynamic advertising, as well as interactive real-time and location-based information, to virtually any fixed or mobile location.

Network Failover

For most enterprises, losing the primary business data connection means lost productivity, missed opportunities and thousands of dollars per minute in lost revenues. With the broad reach, strong reliability and proven security of LTE networks, businesses can use wireless failover solutions to make sure they always stay online.