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Industrial Manufacturing

From air compressor and power tools suppliers to washing machine and battery manufacturers, industrial companies across a range of sectors are leveraging IIoT solutions to monitor and track their assets, transform their business models, and build lasting relationships with customers.

Energy and Natural Resources

Sierra Wireless’s IoT solutions for smart metering, smart grids and pipeline management enable companies to use smart energy insights to transform their business.

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Commercial Building Infrastructure

Improve efficiency, reduce energy usage and build a better working environment by using the IoT to create smart commercial buildings. Companies are relying on Sierra Wireless to connect a variety of IoT devices for a range of use cases for commercial buildings.

Transport & Logistics

Sierra Wireless’ IoT solutions enable companies to manage their fleet, and track vehicles, containers and other assets as they move through the supply chain.

Public Safety

The IoT is transforming mission-critical applications first responders need to do their jobs while improving health and safety in their communities.
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Smart Cities

Connect devices, vehicles and infrastructure everywhere in cities to reduce energy and water consumption, keep people moving efficiently, and improve safety and quality of life.

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Whether it's remote monitoring of medical devices, access to critical patient data from temporary healthcare facilities, or remote lab testing, healthcare companies and service providers can rely on Sierra Wireless to unlock the exciting new benefits of the Internet of Medical Things.
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