Improving Public Safety and Response Times with LTE Solutions

Public safety professionals operate in diverse environments and circumstances, but all have the same mission: to protect the public in high-stress, demanding and often dangerous conditions. Whether it’s police officers, paramedics or firefighters, first responders need the most reliable connectivity to dispatchers and command and control operations. Being connected through voice isn’t enough - broadband communications is now required in the field to connect video-surveillance systems and drones, to transmit pictures or video streams from body-worn cameras, or simply to provide responders with access to the resources they would have at the office.

Why is LTE the best choice for critical communications? What are the most important considerations for public safety LTE solutions? And what should public safety organizations be thinking about when building or investing in them?

Download this white paper to learn more about: 

  • Why LTE is the technology of choice for scalable mission critical networks
  • The possibilities enabled by vehicle networking platforms