Healthcare without Wires: Lowering Costs and Spurring Innovation with Cellular Connectivity

Today’s “healthcare industry” encompasses a broad range of providers, payers, device manufacturers, technology providers and more. But one common factor unites them all: the drive to lower costs. Across the healthcare spectrum, stakeholders are looking for new ways to slow the steady growth in global healthcare spending, while improving quality and outcomes for patients. Increasingly, they’re turning to technology to find an answer. 

For most mHealth solutions, the most basic requirement for connecting a wireless health monitoring device is two-way, or bidirectional, communication. The health device needs to report data (such as a patient’s vital statistics) back to a back-end server or mHealth services platform in the cloud. But the service operator platform also must be able to communicate with the device to perform updates and maintenance. Health device vendors have several options for providing this bidirectional connectivity.