88% ROI: A Paradigm Shift in Industrial IoT

What if there was a way to not only accelerate your Industrial IoT solution’s time to revenue by 9 months, realize an ROI of 88% and achieve material cost savings in both developing and commercializing an Industrial IoT solution? This is precisely the question Forrester explores in its recent Total Economic Impact (TEI) study.

In the course of the study, Forrester looked at multiple companies and conducted a rigorous cost-benefit analysis of their Industrial IoT projects. In its analysis, which spans over a three-year period, Forrester found that these companies stood to realize savings of 45% in solution development, 30% in device management and 75% in service evolution and management costs.

How did they manage to do it?

Join Jan ten Sythoff, Senior TEI Consultant at Forrester and the author of the study, and Olivier Pauzet, Vice President & General Manager, IoT Solutions Business Line at Sierra Wireless, for an exciting discussion to find out more.

In this webinar, you will learn:

  • How to resolve the blockers and inefficiencies that have historically plagued Industrial IoT projects.
  • How to accelerate your Industrial IoT solution’s time to market by nine months.
  • How to simplify the complexities of your Industrial IoT project.
  • A radical new approach that enables companies to obtain an 88% return on their Industrial IoT investment.
Jen ten Sythoff
Jan ten Sythoff
Senior Consultant,
Olivier Pauzet
Olivier Pauzet
Vice President & General Manager, IoT Solutions Business,
Sierra Wireless

Watch the Webinar

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