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Ready-to-Connect Solutions from Sierra Wireless Get your IoT Project to ROI Faster

The Sierra Wireless Ready-to-Connect bundle offer includes cellular modules and routers pre-connected to global mobile networks with IoT services for operating a fleet of widely distributed connected products.

By integrating hardware, IoT and connectivity services in one offering, a service that has been traditionally delivered by multiple vendors, customers can simplify IoT solution development and get to market faster with enhanced security.

Cellular networks offer the ubiquitous coverage that companies need to connect global commercial deployments, but IoT is complex. It can be difficult to achieve scalability and security. It often takes 18 to 24 months to release an IoT service to the market. No wonder many organizations consider IoT too risky. What if we simplify IoT development so you can accelerate the time-to-market of your IoT project. Sierra Wireless removes complexity from IoT with a new series of ready-to-connect cellular modules and routers integrated with a global SIM. The single device solution offers an instant multi-operator connectivity and IoT services to link your products from anywhere in the world to your IoT applications. These devices are certified and ready for regional or even global deployment. No more complicated front-end integration or security developments. Sierra Wireless has integrated and tested them for you. Now you can focus on developing your core business and reduce time-to-market by up to 12 months. Numerous companies have successful local IoT deployments only to discover an operational nightmare when expanding their business across regions with multiple operators, multiple SIM SKUs to manage, manual assembly in each market, truck roll based support, global IoT operation can be costly to run and maintain. What if we simplify the IoT operations so you can reduce the total cost of ownership? The ready-to-connect solution enables you to remove the expensive SIM handling processes and provides a unified IoT platform, AirVantage, to centrally manage the lifecycle of all your subscriptions, devices, and embedded applications in a secure fashion. Streamline your global supply chain by producing a single, ready-to-deploy product for all target markets then customize it over-the-air with a local data plan and latest application. It’s much easier to expand a business globally when you can control the entire deployment from a single platform, plus you have the freedom to change operators with GSMA, eUICC, or eSIM remote provisioning option without swapping any SIM cards in the field. We’ve seen how you can reduce time-to-market and streamline global operations with the new Sierra Wireless solution. Now let’s discover how it enables new business models. For instance OEM equipment makers can use the integrated connectivity to perform maintenance and diagnostic services to optimize the equipment’s uptime. OEM can go one step further to offer bundled airtime or services with the equipment to create unrivaled end-user experience and generate service revenues. What’s more, the ready-to-connect offering comes with flexible pricing. It can better align with your revenue structures and maximize your business potential. Ensure the success of your IoT project with an IoT connectivity solution built for the future. Start with Sierra and build your future in the Internet of Things. Contact our IoT experts now at

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