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Lixar – Accelerate the data acquisition process

We want to get to the data fast. Octave helps us fast forward the customer’s journey.

George Logaras
Director, Strategic Partnerships

Lixar is an AI and data services company based in Canada. Using Octave, Lixar was able to extract its clients’ data, which was otherwise lying dormant on legacy systems, and transfer it to the cloud. By accelerating the data acquisition process, Lixar was able to ramp up its customers’ journey and make them realize the value of its technologies and services.

Lixar is a premier data in AI services company based in Canada.  The challenges most of our customers are facing is this consolidation of data and getting it to the cloud. A lot of our customers come to us and say, “oh my god we have so much data it’s going to be so powerful”, and then we’re like, “okay where it where’s all this gold this data that you have?” It’s sitting on you know these legacy systems, it’s sitting idle and what you need to be able to do is get that data out into a modern infrastructure. This is what the Octave platform actually powers you to do, quickly and simply, it is an easy business model actually. Working with Sierra Wireless technology helps us achieve the objective of really fast forwarding the customers journey to the cloud. A lot of time there’s hesitation, it’s a big initiative or it’s complicated, the Sierra Wireless Octave solution is going to simplify that for us and that’s why it’s important to company like Lixar. We want to get to the data fast, the faster the journey is the faster we can add our services. We can help them build some meaningful insights with some modern tools and get to the data science which is the real power of the services that we offer.

When we first heard about the Octave solution from Sierra Wireless, the thought that came into our minds was oh my genius, they’ve been in the market for 20 years as a connectivity partner. Routing data for years, a trusted partner in the ecosystem and you know their customers must be thinking how do I get the stages of the cloud and what they’ve done they stepped in and helped them to that journey of migrating that data to the cloud from the same trusted partner that they’ve had for 20 years. I think that’s pure genius.

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