shipznet RA300 Connects Ships to Shore with Broadband Communications

Today, ship-to-shore communications is critical – for both crews and for passengers. For crews who need access to suppliers for assistance or documentation, or passengers wanting to share emails, photos and videos, there is a need to have a solution beyond very expensive, low bandwidth satellite communications.

Business Challenge

  • Develop broadband communications solution to enable commercial shipping fleets to reliably access online and cloud resources
  • Design solution that could be easily installed and configured by customer and be offered as a managed service
  • Offer solution that enables customer to use network of choice

Sierra Wireless Solution

The shipznet RA300 embeds the Sierra Wireless MC7455 and provides reliable mobile broadband communications near-shore to commercial shipping companies. Onboard crews can exchange photos and videos, view technical drawings, retrieve parts catalogs and have instant video communications with qualified personnel from onboard the vessel.

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