Philips Lighting Develops Smart Lighting Technology to Stand the Test of Time

With over 120 years of experience in the industry and a keen, developed focus on street lighting, Philips helps you achieve your goals faster. CityTouch is used in more than 250 cities in 31 countries, and counting.

Business Challenge

Cities around the world are weighed down with old, inefficient lighting schemes that are expensive to operate, waste energy, and leave many areas, along city streets and in public spaces, feeling dark and unsafe. As municipalities begin investing in the future, creating more sustainable, more livable communities by improving public lighting is often a priority.

When it came time to design the next generation of products, Philips CityTouch made longevity a top requirement. They wanted hardware components that could stay in place for years to come, without forcing cities to pay for technology upgrades. The Philips CityTouch platform relies on cellular communication for connectivity, so there was concern that, as cellular standards continue to evolve, street lights would start falling off the mobile networks. Philips CityTouch needed cellular connectivity that could change with the times, to deliver lasting benefits.

Sierra Wireless IoT Solution

To ensure that connected streetlights stay in place for as long as needed, and still provide reliable, upgradable cellular connectivity, Philips CityTouch selected the HL Series of embedded modules from Sierra Wireless for their new LightWave system and CityTouch-ready light fixtures.

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