Victim Safety First Helps Keep Communities Safe with the Omnilink® OM500

Victim Safety First (VSF) is a Texas-based organization that uses GPS ankle monitors to manage and track offenders living in the community who are in pre-trial programs, or on probation or parole.

Business Challenge

Pre-trial detainees and non-violent offenders increasingly make up a large population of people awaiting trial. Keeping these people behind bars is extremely costly, ranging from $70 a day in Texas, to over $90 a day in New York. Also, tracking and monitoring such a huge population is extremely challenging, resulting in people being frequently returned to prison for violations. In addition, these offenders can still potentially pose a threat to the public.

Sierra Wireless Omnilink® OM500 Solution

VSF has been using the Sierra Wireless Omnilink® family of ankle bracelets since 2008, and in late 2019 began using the Omnilink's most advanced solution, the OM500, to track the increasingly large number of offenders that it is tasked to monitor.

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