Wireless Gateways Help Danish Self-Service Laundries Run Smoothly

In Denmark, the widely-known home-appliance maker Miele operates self-service laundries on privately run public-housing estates. Residents use specially issued cards to operate Miele machines, which are connected to a proprietary system for billing. Miele counts on Sierra Wireless gateways for fast setup and reliable performance. 

Business Challenge

There are more than 3,500 on-site laundry facilities in Denmark’s social-housing estates. Connecting these facilities to the Internet creates opportunities for automated billing and other features, like advance reservations and electronic messaging, but DSL can be complicated and time-consuming to install. Estate managers typically need the help of a trained technician, sent from the telco provider, and that can make it harder to get a laundry connected.

Sierra Wireless AirLink Solution

Miele’s search for a stable wireless solution led them to DeltaM2M, one of Sierra Wireless’s leading partners in the Nordic region. Working closely with DeltaM2M’s managing director, Torben Deleuran, Miele evaluated the Raven XE wireless cellular gateway, which was, at the time, a best-in-class solution for device connectivity. Their tests showed that the Raven XE could get and maintain a cellular signal where other gateways couldn’t, even underground.

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