Maestro uses Sierra Wireless modules for global coverage in a single, compact footprint

Maestro Wireless Solutions, a member company of Fargo Telecom, is an industrial Internet of Things specialist designing and manufacturing tracker, modem and router.

Business Challenge

Headquartered in Hong Kong and employing fewer than 130 people, Maestro is a small but well-established company with customers around the globe. Maestro runs a tight ship, and can’t afford to be weighed down by complex design-ins and excess inventory. At the same time, they need to service a wide range of customers to maintain their competitive advantage. Their products are known for being especially rugged, and need to retain their compact form factor even as next-generation cellular standards and tracking features are added.

Sierra Wireless IoT Solution

Maestro has designed with Sierra Wireless technology for more than 15 years. The company’s development team always evaluates the most current technology for each new product, and consistently chooses Sierra Wireless for their leadership in RF, very high level of integration, and ability to innovate.

Maestro’s latest family of tracking devices, the MT-40 Series, use the Sierra Wireless HL Series embedded module. The HL Series delivers the reliability Maestro is known for, requires very little space, and, perhaps most important, supports worldwide use in a single footprint.

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