Sierra Wireless® 3G Embedded Modules Provide LANCOM Customers with the Reassurance of a Reliable and Secure Connection

LANCOM Systems GmbH is the leading German manufacturer of reliable, innovative network components for large enterprises, SMEs, public authorities, and institutions. The company supplies hardware and software solutions, along with support and services, for IP-based virtual private networks (VPN), VoIP, and wireless networks (WLAN).

Business Challenge

Data communication downtime results in massive revenue loss, as was the case when an enormous cyclone hit central Europe in early 2007. Many DSL connections failed, making the natural disaster a commercial one, as well.

For many LANCOM customers, uninterruptible connectivity is an absolute must. LANCOM Systems’ line of business VPN routers provide users with professional site connectivity and redundancy. Should a standard DSL connection fail at a site, branch office, or subsidiary, a broadband backup connection is automatically established.

Sierra Wireless Solution

LANCOM Systems developed its LANCOM 1751 UMTS business VPN router using the Sierra Wireless 3G HSUPA embedded module for reliable and secure broadband connectivity. The 1751 UMTS router for HSUPA cellular networks enables download rates of up to 7.2 Mbps. Additionally, the Sierra Wireless 3G modules provide for remote management and maintenance of installations and real-time monitoring of router solutions, as well as GPS tracking for anti-theft protection.

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