End-Device Certified LPWA and Bluetooth Modem from Laird Connectivity Enables Rapid Deployment of IoT Edge Applications

Laird Connectivity simplifies and enables wireless technologies with market-leading wireless modules and antennas, integrated sensor and gateway platforms, and customer-specific wireless solutions. The company’s best-in-class support and comprehensive engineering services help customers reduce risk and improve time-to-market.

Business Challenge

While Laird Connectivity has many years of experience developing Bluetooth and other wireless solutions, the company recognized that its customers needed a solution that could bridge wireless Bluetooth v5 sensor data to cloud services via a low-power LTE connection. The company set out to develop a multi wireless solution that could not only be end-device certified, but also a fully integrated Bluetooth 5 SoC with Cortex M4F MCU and internal & external antenna options so that customers could develop and deploy their IoT edge applications quickly and cost-effectively.

Sierra Wireless AirPrime® Solution

The Pinnacle™ 100 cellular modem is an out-of-the-box embedded modem designed for OEMs to reduce risk and decrease the development time of new IoT applications. The product intelligently combines low-power LTE-M/NB-IoT cellular with long-range Bluetooth v5 wireless connectivity. This combination is ideal for battery-powered devices operating at the edge of IoT networks where customers need to bridge wireless sensor data to cloud services over a low-power LTE connection.

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