Electric Dreams Keeps e-Bike Riders in Sync with their Bikes

EDG is a subsidiary of Electric Dreams, a Brazilian technology company with the goal to change the way people move by making it cleaner, cheaper and smarter, through developing technologies and solutions for electric vehicles. EDG is focused in tackling short distance and micro-mobility issues, of great importance in the ever-growing urban centers of today.

Founded by Lucas Di Grassi, former world champion of Formula E (a world-class electric racing series), EDG was born out of the need to bring a revolution to urban mobility worldwide. The inspiration came from Brazil, where main cities lack charging infrastructure for electric vehicles. Therefore, their first mobility solution is the Niobium e-Bike, a kind of vehicle that does not require installed infrastructure in the cities.

Business Challenge

EDG wants transportation to be, well, electric. On average, a gas or diesel fueled car releases more than two tons of carbon dioxide every year. EDG’s mobility technology could power cars with zero emissions, leading to better air quality and hence fewer health problems and healthcare costs associated with air pollution. Not to mention noise pollution reduction resulting from significantly quieter vehicle operation.

Sierra Wireless Smart City Solution

Electric Dreams selected Sierra Wireless BC Series industrial grade, certified, Bluetooth Low Energy module to connect riders to their e-Bikes through its EDG Nobium e-Bike mobile app.

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