CT LAB Improves Energy Efficiency and Sustainability through their Real-Time Grid Management System

Based in South Africa, CT LAB is a technology company specializing in the monitoring and management of electrical networks in the energy distribution, facility and industry sectors. The company offers measurement devices and software, data hosting and associated support services that include product, operations and specialist subject-matter training.

Business Challenge

Energy consumption is expected to grow worldwide by more than 40 percent over the next 25 years, with demand in some parts of the world increasing by more than 100 percent. This will produce an increase in competition for resources, making the development of smart grid infrastructure to improve energy efficiency and sustainability even more important.

Access to a large variety of real-time data at the measurement point is needed to actively manage the complex behavior of energy networks. CT LAB’s tools assist clients in making strategic, data-driven decisions on various aspects of their smart grid implementations.

Sierra Wireless IoT Solution

CT LAB’s Vecto III multi-function power quality analyzer uses Sierra Wireless® AirPrime® HL Series embedded modules to provide customers with a grid management system that’s reliable and scalable across cellular technologies, and also across the many network providers used worldwide. 

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